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NEW Vertical Blind Repair Tabs 5 Pack Transparent Parts Replacement

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Replace blind parts on vertical track. Replace clips, cord and end control. Watch my other videos. mini, wood and cellular blind repair.

Your Eyes Are Useless When the Mind is Blind - (blog)

As the diagram shows, as our heart rate increase from stress, some of our abilities decrease. The higher our heart rate goes, we lose our fine motor skill, complex motor skills, our hearing is altered, our vision is altered, and cognitive processing.

“The ‘Triune Brain Model’ was developed by Dr. Paul MacLean, chief of the Laboratory of Brain Evolution and Behavior at The National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. He suggests that we think of the human brain as consisting of three parts – the forebrain, the part that makes you a human being; the midbrain or mammalian brain, the part that all mammals have in common; and the hindbrain, or brain stem.” (On Combat; P43)

The forebrain is where basic thought processes occur, the midbrain performs extensive reflexive processes, and the hind brain controls heart rate and respiration. As our heart rates increases toward ‘Condition Black’, our forebrain shuts down. And the Midbrain (or puppy) takes over. (On Combat; P44)

When we consider training, all basic concepts enter our minds through the forebrain, this is where we learn. Once we have learned the basic concept, we practice and perfect the skills through repetition. This begins to ingrain the skill into our muscle memory. The more we repeat the task, the more proficient we become the more the task becomes second nature. But to really ingrain the thought into our midbrains, to create a level of mastery where the skill can be executed without conscious thought, the repetitive training must also become realistic. Realism will add a level of stress and train us to perform the skills without consciously thinking under difficult circumstances. So when we are called to an incident, we can function quickly and effectively under stressful and difficult circumstances.
Consider driving your car. You do it daily. You were ‘trained’ as a teenager and have house thousands of hours behind the wheel. While you drive, you sing along...


Venetian Blinds & Shade Parts For Hunter Douglas, Graber, Kirsch ...

Venetian Blinds & Shade Parts For Hunter Douglas, Graber, Kirsch ...
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Blind Repair Parts - Mini Blinds Parts

Blind Repair Parts - Mini Blinds Parts
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Blind Repair Parts - Vertical Parts

Blind Repair Parts - Vertical Parts
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