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Famous Blind People

Slide 1: 10 Famous Blind People Who Changed the World Blindness is the complete lack of form and light perception. Most people believe that we see with our e...

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  • If Corporations Are People, They Should Act Like It

    02/01/15 ,via The Atlantic

    “Corporations aren't people. People are people.” During the 2014 midterms, Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren barnstormed the country to rally the faithful. Her most dependable applause line? “Corporations are not people!” .. The


    02/01/15 ,via

    Washington also encouraged blacks to be a moral and self-sufficient people, and he became one of the most influential educators of his time. A black culture that valued character For example, singer Stevie Wonder hijacked the recent funeral of

  • Time for a cultural shift

    02/01/15 ,via Pueblo Chieftain

    the importance of familial relationships, religious beliefs, public humiliation, being made to think that no one will believe them and a lack of trust in systems designed to protect victims are just a few of the reasons that people either don't

  • 'Ships of the desert' vital to trading success

    02/01/15 ,via Pueblo Chieftain

    carrying up to 1,000 pounds of goods and people. Life-size, lifelike replicas, along with ancient artifacts portraying this “ship of the desert,” are displayed throughout “Traveling the Silk Road,” a special exhibition at the Denver Museum of

  • TBT: Readers of 'Blind Your Ponies' seek true heart of famous small town

    01/22/15 ,via Great Falls Tribune

    "The team's losing had become a blemish the bearer unconsciously disavows, an unsightly birthmark people avoid with their eyes. The world seemed to shun the fact that this quiet, swayback town in southwest Montana was undergoing a subtle yet ruthless 


  • Blind People, Their Works and Ways

    1867. 196 pages.
  • Shaping a World They Cannot See

    Webster's Digital Services. 2011. ISBN: 1241156182,9781241156183. 148 pages.

    You are undoubtedly aware that Helen Keller, Louis Braille, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Andrea Boccelli are or were blind. But did you know that FDR suffered from blindness as well? Or Harriet Tubman? All of these people created careers with great impact on the world, both related and unrelated to their blindness. As humanitarians, political activists and leaders or through their art, the ten people featured in this book changed the world for the better, opening new avenues of...

  • The Eye Book

    Liverpool University Press. 2000. ISBN: 0853237557,9780853237556. 212 pages.

    The Eye Book is an essential read for anyone who wears glasses, for parents of children with eye problems, for students considering training in orthoptics or optometry, and for health-care professionals looking for an overview of eye health. It is written in a lively readable style and a glossary is provided for technical and medical terms. The structure and function of the eye and the mechanisms of vision are explained in the initial chapters, with explanatory illustrations. Eye problems,...


List of blind people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following is a list of notable blind people. Contents 1 Activists and organizers of the blind 2 Adventurers 3 Artists 3.1 Acting and performing 3.2 Engineers 3.3 ...

Famous Blind and Vision Impaired Persons - Disabled World ...

A listing of famous and well known sight impaired people who were blind and blind in one eye including actors and singers

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Of all of the disabilities in the world, blindness can be one of the most difficult ones to deal with. Whether a person is born blind or loses their sight at some ...

Famous Blind People | List of Celebrities Who Can't See

List of famous blind people, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. They say that if you lose one sense, the other four become stronger. Looking at the list of famous ...

Who are some famous blind or deaf people?

There have been many Famous People throughout U.S. history who have been Deaf, Mute and/or Blind. (You said someone else already used Hellen Keller ...

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