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  • Zac Efron Goes Shirtless Again After Sending Congrats to BFF Ashley Tisdale on ...

    09/11/14 ,via Just Jared

    He dated Michelle Rodriquez which was a fake relationship, what does that tell you. He dated Taylor Swift, what does that tell you. I dont jthink he owes anyone an explanation eother way, but there have been so many blinds about him. @reply | Flag This.

  • George Clooney Reveals Wedding Details, Says He & Amal Alamuddin Will ...

    09/08/14 ,via Just Jared

    @DIRTY OLD MAN: Which could mean that the blind item about a fiance being okay with the fact his boyfriend will still be in the picture could very well be Clooney. All I know the pr is being poured on thick. Everything including this farce of a wedding

  • At 90, Pine City woman rides again

    08/28/14 ,via Elmira Star-Gazette

    The 29-year-old, blind, mild-mannered horse is seldom used these days, said Lainey McBratney, who works at the stables. But this was a special occasion. "Actually, this was a good marriage between Aunt Kay and Old Luke," said Kay's nephew, Richard 

  • LeAnn Rimes Steps Out After Getting Backlash for Rape Joke

    08/28/14 ,via Just Jared

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian hold hands while heading out for dinner on Wednesday evening (August 27) at Lure Fish House in Thousand Oaks, Calif. The married couple was joined by his kids Mason and Jake (not pictured) to celebrate LeAnn's 32nd 

  • 'Friends' Reunion on Kimmel - Watch Video of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox ...

    08/29/14 ,via Just Jared

    For me, I don't get why so much hate on ANYONE, Jeniffer, Angelina or someone else, but you people are blind from it, don't even see there's 3 more people in this video. I'm not a fan of Aniston, just not a fan of hatting. If there's someone on this

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  • 10 juicy pieces of celebrity gossip (including some blind item reveals) from Lainey Lui’s annual Smut Soirée

    06/26/12 ,via Toronto Life

    1. Brad Pitt has a code name at the Ritz-Carlton Lainey, who has covered TIFF for eTalk and the Globe and Mail, revealed what staffers at the Ritz-Carlton call Brad Pitt when he stays there during the festival: Goldilocks. He can fall asleep in our bed any ...

  • You Know Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Hit The Big Time When He’s Starring In A Gay Blind Item With Michael Pitt

    10/08/12 ,via Crushable

    Our little Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s growing up ... and is the subject of torrid blind items claiming he had a gay affair somewhere in-between. That’s right, Lainey Gossip has been dropping some anvil-sized hints that two up-and-coming members of young ...

  • Blind Items: The Vice We Need To Quit, Now

    02/07/14 ,via Refinery29

    As the blogosphere grew, so too did the world of blind items, and I began to expand my "research." There was Lainey, Blind Gossip, and the ever-seductive Crazy Days And Nights, all of which generated tantalizing blinds at an exponentially growing rate.

  • Elaine Lui On Lainey Gossip, 'Listen To The Squawking Chicken' Book And Kimye Vogue

    04/11/14 ,via The Huffington Post

    When celeb gossip maven Elaine Lui announced on her popular blog, Lainey Gossip, that she was releasing a book ... Who are the actors involved in this blind riddle?), "The Social" talk show host revealed that her first book would be a memoir about her ...

  • Bradley Cooper Accused of Drug Use and Sex With Men by Gossip Web Site – Any Truth to It?

    07/03/14 ,via Have U Heard

    Lainey NEVER solves her blind gossip items because she doesn’t have to. She has other sites do it for her. Blind Gossip solved the item accusing Bradley Cooper of being the celebrity who engages in the risky behavior based off of a cover photo of Cooper ...


  • Celebrity Blind

    Amanda Gorsche Miller. 2014. ISBN: 9781479254866,147925486X. 398 pages.

    The charm of the beautiful stars splashed across TV, Internet, and magazines is hard to resist. Imagine how hard it would be to resist one of those mysterious celebrities seated before you, inviting you into their life of glamour, excess and fame. Wife and mother Brandi Singer finds out firsthand when she meets a gorgeous A list actor, Paul Nuys, in downtown Chicago. His charm and familiar face intrigue her and she willingly gives up her Midwestern life for the glitz of Hollywood. But Brandi...

  • Ultimate Texas Bachelor & Blind Luck Bride

    Harlequin. 2011. ISBN: 9781426885419,1426885415. 512 pages.

    The Ultimate Texas Bachelor by Cathy Gillen Thacker After his made-for-TV romance goes bust, Brad McCabe hightails it back home to Laramie, Texas, and throws himself into getting the Lazy M Ranch up and running. Miraculously, his wounded pride begins to heal when the lovely Lainey Carrington is hired as the ranch's housekeeper. Trouble is, Lainey is there under false pretenses. An aspiring reporter on assignment for a celebrity magazine, Lainey hopes to uncover the real story of Brad McCabe...

  • The Ollivant Orphans

    2014. 313 pages.


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