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Legally blind definition. What does it mean to be legally blind. App for the blind or visually impaired is FREE! What does 20/200 actually mean? Link to the ...

The Minister Who Went to Jail for Financial-Aid Fraud - The Atlantic

It had been 15 years since I’d seen my former mentor, Dr. Ozel Clifford Brazil—a man credited with ushering an estimated 18,000 students from Los Angeles’ inner cities into universities around the country. According to Brazil, 98 percent of those students graduated with a baccalaureate degree or higher. It’s hard to verify those numbers, because in 2003, Brazil was convicted of student-aid fraud. After that, we former students became like members of a secret fraternity, afraid that our association with Brazil might land us in trouble. But as time passes, some of us are starting to acknowledge his role in our lives.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I arrived. Our lives had taken dramatically different turns. College for me . Three and a half years in federal prison and $716,000 in restitution to the United States government for him. Brazil had agreed to an interview, so I’d flown to New York to visit him at the halfway house in Brooklyn where he was serving the last few months of his sentence.

A few days before my arrival, 61-year-old Brazil had informed me that he’d had a run in with a young officer who, according to Brazil, was awfully rude and knew nothing of respecting his elders. Brazil said he’d given the officer a verbal lashing he’d never forget. As a consequence, Brazil’s visitation privileges had been temporarily suspended. But Brazil advised me to get on the plane and continue planning for the interview. He said he’d work it out. And if I knew anything about Brazil, I knew he would.

When I arrived, the woman at the front desk stared blankly at me and announced that my scheduled visit would not be taking place. I explained that I’d flown all the way from Los Angeles, but her face remained impassive. Disappointed, I turned to walk away, but spotted a familiar figure lingering in the hallway. It was Brazil. He gestured for me to go outside and wait.

It was an oddly silent day in New York. I was standing...


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Legal Blindness Definition and Visual Impairment Service Team (VIST ...

Legal Blindness Definition and Visual Impairment Service Team (VIST ...
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Definition of "Legally Blind"?

Definition of "Legally Blind"?
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Latest News

  • The Minister Who Went to Jail for Financial-Aid Fraud

    12/10/14 ,via The Atlantic

    In the beginning, Brazil's plan was to work with students who seemed especially at-risk: those from inner-city public high schools and from categorically defined lower-class families. But as word of LACOP To lessen the financial aid burden, Brazil

  • Here's How An 'America In Retreat' Could Benefit The World

    12/10/14 ,via The Federalist

    He aptly describes U.S. foreign policy in the Clinton administration as a “combination of naïveté, blind faith, and moral self-regard. The problem with this approach is that while one might complain about how the police department does its job

  • Proposed cuts to Missouri's blind pension halted

    12/02/14 ,via

    The Department of Social Services had sent out notices several weeks ago that the benefits would be cut by $33 a month. The payments go to about 3,900 Missourians whose vision is no better than 5/200. That's well beyond “legallyblind, which is

  • Patrick McNamara's best of 2014

    12/09/14 ,via Arizona Daily Star

    There's also a recommendation for police to implement double-blind photo arrays and lineup procedures, where the individual administering the lineup doesn't know the identity of the suspect as a way to eliminate the possibility of influencing a witness

  • When a pilot is not a pilot…

    12/09/14 ,via Edgar County Watchdogs

    The FAA issues licenses for life…but remember, that doesn't make them valid…it just means if you're 120 years old, blind, can't walk, and in a nursing home with Alzheimer's, and strapped to a wheel chair, you'll still have a pilot's license to brag


  • On the Special Needs of Blind and Low Vision Seniors

    IOS Press. 2001. ISBN: 158603152X,9781586031527. 351 pages.

    Main headings: I. Basic positions. - II. Epidemiology and medical-ophthalmological research. - III. Psychosocial issues and daily living skills in different settings: empirical and conceptual contributions. - IV. Intervention and rehabilitation: empirical and conceptual contributions. - V. Educational issues: programs, media, self-help and new technologies. - VI. Learning from each other in an international perspective. - VII. Look into the future.

  • Lewis S Medical Surgical Nursing

    Elsevier India. 2011. ISBN: 9788131221860,8131221865.
  • The Low Vision Handbook for Eyecare Professionals

    SLACK Incorporated. 2007. ISBN: 1556427956,9781556427954. 164 pages.

    Clearly organized and simply presented, The Low Vision Handbook for Eyecare Professionals, Second Edition offers an introduction to all aspects of low vision, including a short history of low vision and the basic optics of magnifiers. Updated and revised this second edition of The Low Vision Handbook for Eyecare Professionals provides practical material on assessing low vision patients, the psychology of visual loss, and ways to alleviate patients' common fears. Additionally, Barbara Brown...


Social Security Administration: Definition of Legal Blindness

Social Security Administration: Definition of Legal Blindness. ... they will qualify as legally blind, based on a visual acuity of 20/200 or less.

Legally blind - definition of Legally blind by Medical ...

Hyun, legally blind, struggles to read a newspaper and has only ten percent vision in his left eye and twenty percent in his right.

What Does Legally Blind Mean? (with pictures)

Legally blind individuals can enhance their quality of life with methods designed for the visually impaired, such as braille.

Blindness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Blindness is the condition of poor visual perception. Various scales have been developed to describe the extent of vision loss and define blindness. Total blindness ...

What Does It Mean to Be Legally Blind? - Vision and Eye ...

Legal blindness is defined as visual acuity of 20/200 or worse in the best seeing eye. A visual field that is limited to only 20 degrees. What does "legally blind ...

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