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Blind Melon - No Rain

Official video of Blind Melon performing No Rain from the album Blind Melon. Buy It Here: Like Blind Melon on Facebook: http://www....

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  • Blind Melon 'Bee Girl' Grows Up, Has Eye On Acting Career

    12/10/08 ,via

    Feeling rejected, the Bee Girl runs off and lets her freak flag fly on the streets of Los Angeles in search of an adoring audience, finally finding her understanding bee kin in the midst of the rolling fields where [artist id="1039"]Blind Melon[/artist

  • TV's Most Surreal Music Performances – Blind Melon at Woodstock '94

    07/17/14 ,via

    Blind Melon were at the height of their powers in '94, having scored a massive crossover hit with 'No Rain' the year before, propelling their self-titled debut album into the Top 20 of the Billboard chart. The video for 'No Rain' and its “Bee Girl

  • Alternative Rock God Decides To Be A Lawyer, Joins Biglaw Firm

    12/18/14 ,via Above the Law

    It was the girl dressed as a tap-dancing bee and the fantastic guitar riffs that did it for me. It was the first alternative rock tape — yes, a tape — I ever bought with my babysitting money. I'm talking, of course, about Blind Melon and the band's

  • Best Bets Week 10: Pittsburgh Bees Will Sting the New York Jets

    11/09/14 ,via

    Welcome to Week 10 of BDC Sports' Best Bets – the Blind Melon bumble bee edition—a weekly presentation by Steve Silva and Chris Rattey—that focuses on a few NFL match-ups that are worth looking closely at for potential action this weekend. Silva and 

  • '90s Alternative Kids: Where Are They Now?

    05/06/10 ,via Flavorwire (blog)

    Nothing reminds us of how small the pop-culture world is like the revelation that Spencer Elden, best known as the naked baby chasing a dollar bill on the cover of Nirvana's Nevermind, is now an employee of Shepard Fairey. We can only imagine what 


  • Underrated

    Kensington Publishing Corp.. 2008. ISBN: 9780806535746,0806535741. 224 pages.

    Contrary to popular legend, every dog does not have his day. Some dogs--i.e., musicians, actors, foodstuffs, sitcoms, beverages, albums, and movies--are perennially overlooked. This book will change all that. Using a highly scientific, unabashedly subjective, yet uncannily accurate formula, the brilliant comedic minds behind Yankee Pot Roast can help you determine with absolute confidence whether something or someone is underrated (George Harrison) or not (Paul McCartney). For example:...

  • Billboard

    1995. 92 pages.

    In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.

  • SPIN

    1996. 104 pages.

    From the concert stage to the dressing room, from the recording studio to the digital realm, SPIN surveys the modern musical landscape and the culture around it with authoritative reporting, provocative interviews, and a discerning critical ear. With dynamic photography, bold graphic design, and informed irreverence, the pages of SPIN pulsate with the energy of today's most innovative sounds. Whether covering what's new or what's next, SPIN is your monthly VIP pass to all that rocks.


Blind Melon ‘Bee Girl’ Grows Up, Has Eye On Acting ...

The 'Bee Girl' from Blind Melon's 1993 hit 'No Rain' is all grown up and pursuing an acting career ... and she doesn't regret a thing.

Blind Melon - No Rain

Official video of Blind Melon performing No Rain from the album Blind Melon. Buy It Here: Like Blind Melon on Facebook: http ...

No Rain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"No Rain" is a song by American alternative rock group Blind Melon. It was released in September 1992 as the second single from the band's debut album Blind Melon.

Heather DeLoach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Heather DeLoach (born February 1, 1983) is an American actress. She is best known for her portrayal of the tap dancing "Bee Girl" in the 1992 music video for the hit ...

See ‘Bee Girl’ Heather DeLoach Then and Now

Heather DeLoach, Facebook. Then: In 1993, at the age of 10, Heather DeLoach became everybody’s favorite music video star when she hit TV screens in Blind Melon’s ...

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