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How to Restring a Vertical Blind Headrail

This video will walk you through the steps of re-stringing your Vertical Blind Headrail. For Window Covering Safety Tips, click the link below: http://www.wi...

John M. Crisp: Resisting the urge to avert our eyes - The Desert Sun

John M. Crisp: Resisting the urge to avert our eyes Finally, I'm fond of the circus arts, acrobatics, juggling, the trapeze. But while many things worth doing involve some risk, Nik Wallenda, a 35-year-old father of three young children, should not be recklessly risking his life for our amusement. Would he do it if no one watched? Check out this story on

Nik Wallenda, renowned daredevil, defied death again on Nov. 2 by successfully crossing a high wire strung among skyscrapers in Chicago.

The stakes were pushed close to the limit. Wallenda performed without a net or safety harness, and during one stage of the walk, he was blindfolded, putting himself at significant risk of a stomach-churning plunge to the pavement, nearly 600 feet below.

Thousands turned out to watch in Chicago, and millions watched "almost-live" on the Discovery Channel. The Associated Press's coverage of the event includes this remarkable paragraph: "The Discovery Channel used a 10-second delay for the broadcast, allowing producers to cut away if anything went wrong."

This peculiar concern for the sensibilities of a television audience that has tuned in precisely to see death defied reminds me of recent inept executions in Arizona, Ohio and Oklahoma.

Execution chambers are normally equipped with glassed-in galleries that provide a vantage point for reporters, officials and relatives of murder victims to witness the well-deserved (usually) final throes of our worst criminals.

Well, not their "throes," really, because the term ordinarily implies spasms that are the result of severe physical pain. And our intention is that lethal injection should carry murderers off gently into oblivion whether they deserve that serene passage or not.

But lately attempts to put criminals to death have gone wrong in disturbing ways. And when they, strapped to the death gurney, begin to cough, choke, gasp and struggle, the blinds on...


Door Blinds Parts

Door Blinds Parts
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where to buy vertical blind replacement clips

where to buy vertical blind replacement clips
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Vertical Blinds Parts | Vertical Blinds Repair

Vertical Blinds Parts | Vertical Blinds Repair
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  • John M. Crisp: Resisting the urge to avert our eyes

    11/10/14 ,via The Desert Sun

    And when they, strapped to the death gurney, begin to cough, choke, gasp and struggle, the blinds on the observation gallery windows are quickly drawn, shielding spectators from the gruesome sight of someone actually being put to death. Our reluctance

  • Columbia Housing Authority might ban smoking in public housing starting May 1

    11/10/14 ,via Columbia Daily Tribune

    Starting May 1, the Columbia Housing Authority might ban smoking inside public housing units, a new rule that has been instituted by hundreds of housing authorities across the country and is being met with mixed reviews by residents. “We're not forcing 

  • Add some 'bounce' before packing it away for the winter

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    In these parts that means hauling the boat and, if you have an engine, winterizing it. And if you He has seen herds standing in the parking lot and even walking the beach, safe from the hunters just beyond the park, waiting in their blinds. One

  • Tips to prepare your home for winter weather

    11/10/14 ,via KCTV Kansas City

    And one more piece of advice: keep the blinds open. Letting the sunshine in also helps keep homes Delta Airlines says snow in parts of the Midwest may affect travel, including to and from Wisconsin and Minnesota. The airline recommends checking

  • High-End Homes: Listed for $1.1 million, 245-acre estate is a paradise for ...

    11/08/14 ,via

    There are several deer blinds on the property. “I'm a hunter, but I also love nature,” says While most of the property is either woods or wetlands, parts were once used to raise potatoes and Christmas trees. Lehman said he plans to keep a

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  • Make Your Kitchen Blind as Like Dream

    10/30/14 ,via Examiner

    The kitchen blind is one of the most challenging parts to decorate for the house developer and designers. We the people are always counting the best apart for living. In this case, kitchen blind can make your dream as true. Here you will get everything ...

  • 'Cool' laser to stop diabetics going blind: Doctors hail new treatment that leaves healthy parts of the eyes unharmed

    08/31/13 ,via Daily Mail

    A revolutionary ‘cool’ laser is offering new hope to diabetes patients facing blindness. Until now, laser treatment is typically given only when sight loss is significant as it can damage healthy parts of the eye in the process of fixing abnormal areas.

  • Parts of brain can switch functions: In people born blind, brain regions that usually process vision can tackle language

    02/28/11 ,via Science Daily

    When your brain encounters sensory stimuli, such as the scent of your morning coffee or the sound of a honking car, that input gets shuttled to the appropriate brain region for analysis. The coffee aroma goes to the olfactory cortex, while sounds are ...

  • Blind Use Visual Parts of Brain to Improve Other Senses

    10/06/10 ,via Voice of America

    People who have been blind from birth use visual parts of their brain to hone their sense of sound and touch, according to new research. These keen senses could be used to help the blind better navigate their world, according to Georgetown University ...

  • Mini Blind Repair

    08/10/11 ,via Edhat

    You might be able to find a "wand controller" or wand on the internet. You might even be able to figure out how to replace the heavier cord that raises and lowers them But if you are looking to have the "ladders" replaced, time for new ones! They are ...


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