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Two (2) MAXI VIEW Blind Spot Mirrors - Made In The USA - Manufacturer Direct

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Blind Spot

Blind Spot (2008) Homepage . IMDb . MEF Blind Spot is a documentary film that illustrates the current oil and energy crisis that our world is facing. Whateve...

Hair Removal: an Informed Review

We’re going to ignore the fact that I skipped Science Thursday this week. I was tired and didn’t feel like writing. It happens. So instead of reading about cheese, you get to learn about different methods of hair removal. Yay!

Now, I know there’s a big movement for women to stop shaving , and I in no way want to take away from that. Telling people they don’t have to do something just because other people think they should is a great thing.

However, I don’t shave because I feel like I have to. The Boy has told me more than once that he would be perfectly fine with it if I didn’t shave, and I wear pants almost all year-round, so there’s no one to notice or care if I shave or not. I do it for me. I don’t like hair; it doesn’t feel comfortable to me. Even when I was a kid, I was terribly afraid of people with beards, I used to hide behind my mom (my poor uncles must have thought I hated them).

No matter the reason you shave (or don’t shave), you do you. It’s about your comfort, not anyone else’s. And if you’re in the shave group like me, hopefully the following reviews will help you find the most efficient method of hair removal

Can you tell I like itemized lists? Shaving with a traditional razor probably familiar to most people, whether they use this method or not.

Pros: The process of shaving is pretty fast. It takes me probably 10 minutes to shave my legs; The Boy can do his face in 5 if he tries. There are also no chemicals involved, unless you use fancy shaving cream, which isn’t required (some people use conditioner, which I think is ridiculous because that crap’s expensive!). Shaving is also a nicely portable method of hair removal. Shove your razor (carefully!) and some soap in a bag and you’re good to go. Another benefit of shaving is that you can use it to remove hair on any part of the body, provided you are very careful around the delicate bits.

Cons: Shaving is involved, both in cost and in...

Source: Sweet yet Unrefined

The Blind Spot

The Blind Spot
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... brain automatically “fills in” the blind spot area for you

... brain automatically “fills in” the blind spot area for you
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Alright, so the brain can match surrounding colors, whatever they are ...

Alright, so the brain can match surrounding colors, whatever they are ...
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  • A Really Simple Technology Enabled Honda To Eliminate The Driver's Blind Spot

    11/07/14 ,via Business Insider

    Rather than bolt a potentially expensive blind spot detection system to its new cars, it just made the side view mirror better. The result is the Expanded-View Driver's Mirror, with a convex outer edge that provides a wider view. Consider the blind

  • Google Glass May Have a Blind Spot, Study Says

    11/04/14 ,via New York Times (blog)

    But according to a research letter in The Journal of the American Medical Association, the device may also create a blind spot on the right side. The letter, published in Tuesday's issue of JAMA, was based on a tiny study — performed on three people

  • Univision's Second Amendment Blind Spot

    11/08/14 ,via NewsBusters (blog)

    When it comes to gun control, Univision has typically been right in sync with the rest of the nation's major broadcast networks, which is to say, it has consistently advocated for expanded restrictions on legal gun ownership. Univision anchor Jorge

  • Google Glass Has a Blind Spot -- Literally

    11/05/14 ,via Nextgov

    The results: All three showed significant blind spots in the upper-right part of their vision, right where the frame's camera is located. The researchers concluded that the frame is causing these obstructed regions, and not the software that people

  • Commentary Michael Costello Pro football has a blind spot

    With any luck, Minnesota Vikings' superstar halfback Adrian Peterson is, at last, on the road to redemption. On Tuesday, Peterson pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of reckless assault stemming from corporal punishment that he meted out to his

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  • Facing My Blind Spot: A Story of Becoming Self-Aware

    10/26/14 ,via The Huffington Post

    Standing on the bottom step of the ramshackle porch outside my single-wide trailer, beer in one hand and cigarette in the other (side note: I quit smoking almost a decade ago), our conversation rambled from one topic to any number of unrelated others.

  • Aftermarket Blind Spot Monitoring

    11/03/14 ,via Tom's Hardware

    I'm particularly fond of factory-installed blind spot monitoring systems in larger vehicles. The feature isn’t as necessary on smaller cars, but it's still nice to have as an option. In theory, the technology is fairly simple. OEMs employ the same ...

  • Myopia?: Google Glass may cause blind spot

    11/05/14 ,via The Express Tribune

    The characteristic hardware of the Google Glass frame has been said to partially obstruct the peripheral vision above the right eye, according to an ophthalmologist. “I realised that it was blocking a part of my visual field,” Dr Tsontcho Ianchulev of ...


  • Blindspot

    Delacorte Press. 2013. ISBN: 9780440423294,0440423295. 254 pages.

    I know my own mind. I am able to assess others in a fair and accurate way. These self-perceptions are challenged by leading psychologists Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Greenwald as they explore the hidden biases we all carry from a lifetime of exposure to cultural attitudes about age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social class, sexuality, disability status, and nationality. “Blindspot” is the authors’ metaphor for the portion of the mind that houses hidden biases. Writing with...

  • The Blind Spot

    Princeton University Press. 2011. ISBN: 9781400838158,1400838150. 240 pages.

    In today's unpredictable and chaotic world, we look to science to provide certainty and answers--and often blame it when things go wrong. The Blind Spot reveals why our faith in scientific certainty is a dangerous illusion, and how only by embracing science's inherent ambiguities and paradoxes can we truly appreciate its beauty and harness its potential. Crackling with insights into our most perplexing contemporary dilemmas, from climate change to the global financial meltdown, this book...

  • The Blind Spot

    European Mathematical Society. 2014. ISBN: 3037190884,9783037190883. 537 pages.


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