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An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind
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An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Do you agree with this ...

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Do you agree with this ...
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  • Standing up

    12/11/14 ,via Missoula Independent

    We unload signs: “War Is Not The Answer,” “An Eye for an Eye Leaves the Whole World Blind.” One of them blew into the street a few weeks earlier and has a dusty tire tread across the message. Dad is 87. It takes him a few minutes to shuffle from the

  • On And On And On And . . . : Gordie Howe, hockey's ageless wonder

    12/13/14 ,via SI.com

    In honor of Sports Illustrated's 60th anniversary, is republishing, in full, 60 of the best stories ever to appear in the magazine. Today's selection is "On And On And On And . . . " by E.M. Swift, which details the never-ending career of Gordie

  • All That and a Bag of Mail: Most Likable Playoff Team Edition

    12/14/14 ,via AthlonSports.com

    OSU isn't a whole lot better than Alabama either. I think a lot of people view Urban as a fraud, which makes it hard to cheer for the Buckeyes. So, I guess this leaves . This exact sentence: "Is this something I should be concerned about or just

  • Africa: Jim Boumelha, Regarding the International Day of Human Rights - "We ...

    12/15/14 ,via AllAfrica.com

    In order to make sense of the work of journalists, one needs to look at how they see their tasks, what pressures are brought to bear on them and, perhaps, to understand better what makes news and what is meant by 'good' reporting on human rights issues

  • Alicia Keys Preaches Hope in Dark Times with New Song 'We Gotta Pray:' Listen

    12/04/14 ,via Radio.com News

    Earlier, we see words from Gandhi: “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” Keys released the song as the verdict in the case of whether a police officer would be charged in the death of Eric Garner in New York was handed down. Officer Daniel 

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  • An eye for eye leaves the world blind

    08/05/14 ,via Chicago Sun-Times

    Or must the Palestinians and Israelis keep exchanging blow for blow? Some read the Bible and say it justifies an “eye for an eye.” Maybe it does. But Mohandas Gandhi had a different view. “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind,” he said.

  • An eye for an eye leaves world blind

    08/07/14 ,via Politico

    Some read the Bible and say it justifies an “eye for an eye.” Maybe it does. But Gandhi had a different view. “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind,” he said. Roger Simon is POLITICO’s chief political columnist.

  • An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind

    05/15/12 ,via NBC Sports

    I think Yogi Berra said that. No time to check. Anyway, we had guys throwing at each other last night in Los Angeles. No one hit anyone, however. And nothing was really settled either, because someone apparently lost count of who hit who when and ...

  • World Day of Non-Violence: “An Eye for an Eye Ends Up Making the Whole World Blind” (Mahatma Gandhi)

    10/04/14 ,via PRESSENZA

    Eliasson recalled Gandhi’s warning that “an eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind.” On Gandhi’s Birthday The International Day, marked annually on Gandhi’s birthday, celebrates his non-violent philosophy and tactics have been ...

  • An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

    04/20/13 ,via Vanguard

    So when I heard that the government was going to offer the group amnesty, my first reaction was “NO!” I mean when they decimated a whole community and it seemed that they were able to kill, maim and terrorise at will, the government ...


  • An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind

    2002. ISBN: 1587900343,9781587900341. 306 pages.

    Creates an alternative poetic response to the din of collective anger and hysteria that has characterized our national dialogue since 9/11/2001.

  • The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs

    Yale University Press. 2012. ISBN: 9780300183351,0300183356. 416 pages.

    "You can't unring a bell." "It takes a village to raise a child." "Life is just a bowl of cherries." We sometimes think of proverbs as expressions of ancient wisdom, but in fact new proverbs are constantly arising. This unique volume is devoted exclusively to English language proverbs that originated in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The most complete and accurate such collection ever compiled, The Yale Book of Modern Proverbs presents more than 1,400 individual proverbs gathered...

  • The Yale Book of Quotations

    Yale University Press. 2014. ISBN: 0300107986,9780300107982. 1067 pages.

    More than twelve thousand famous quotations are featured in a reference volume that includes items not only from literary and historical sources, but also from popular culture, sports, computers, science, politics, law, and the social sciences.


An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind | Quote ...

An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind. ... “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind” is frequently attributed to M. K. Gandhi.

An Eye For An Eye Leaves The Whole World Blind

You know what PISSES ME OFF, you know when your having a conversation with someone and for some reason you get on to a particular topic, in this case lets say the ...

An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind ...

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Eye for an eye - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

... "The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind." In Fiddler on the Roof, ... That way the whole world will be blind and toothless." See also

“An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind” Seven ...

Really wanted to see Seven Psychopaths as soon as it came out last year, but life gets in the way I guess. If I could spend my days watching films and ...

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