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Chase & Status - Blind Faith - Drum Cover

Chase and Status-Blind Faith From the 2011 release "No More Idols" Is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). Drums by Danny Blair. Buy the original here -...

Blind Faith album cover, Polydor/France, 1973.

Blind Faith album cover, Polydor/France, 1973.
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Blind Faith album cover, Polydor/Nippon, 1987.

Blind Faith album cover, Polydor/Nippon, 1987.
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My Vinyl Adventures: Blind Faith

My Vinyl Adventures: Blind Faith
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    Opening with the Blind Faith classic “Had to Cry Today,” the nearly nine-minute track that opens the supergroup's eponymous (and only) album, I was hooked. By the time I got home, I had to go to sleep because I was 13, but the following weeks and

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  • Blind Faith Album Cover!

    12/08/08 ,via Lalate

    Above is a photo of Blind Faith. Blind Faith’s album cover from 1969 is now four decades later at issue today. The Blind Faith self titled album cover was Blind Faith’s debut album, dropped on Atco Records. Obviously, the Blind Faith Album cover has ...

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    Yes, yes, yes — we hear you. Blind Faith’s 1969 self-titled album cover absolutely should have been on our list of the most shocking album covers. The band clearly meant to have the girl represent an innocent spirit entering a fast-changing world ...

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    But the biggest news of Blind Faith’s debut album, was the controversy over the album cover. It was created by photographer Bob Seidemann (known for photos of Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead), and it featured a topless girl from the waist up ...

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    (FAQ). Eric Clapton has been a rock god for half a century. From busking on street corners and in local pubs to the raw blues of the Yardbirds, the rock/blues fusion of Cream, the guitar brilliance of Derek and the Dominoes, and the unforgettable songs of his solo career, he has proven his incomparable talent in the music world. His enduring presence has made him the subject of countless books, articles, reviews, websites, and gossip. Is there really anything new to learn about the man they...

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Blind Faith (Blind Faith album) - Wikipedia, the free ...

Blind Faith is the self-titled album by the English supergroup Blind Faith, released in 1969 on Polydor Records in the United Kingdom and Europe and on Atlantic ...

The Young Girl Featured On The “Blind Faith” Album Cover

The “Super-Group” Blind Faith released their one and only self-titled debut album in August of 1969. The short lived band featuring Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood ...

10 Banned Controversial Album Covers - Listverse

Original versions of this album cover are affectionately known as the ... This legendary supergroup’s only album, the self-titled “Blind Faith”, ...

Blind Faith's Original Artwork - Angelfire

Story of the origins of the Blind Faith album cover, from Bob Seidemann's (photographer of the album cover artwork) perspective: I was being on the "scene" because it ...

Blind Faith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Blind Faith were an English blues rock band that comprised Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood, and Ric Grech. The band, which was one of the first "super ...

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