School forces blind boy to use pool noodle instead of walking stick in Kansas City

Not to be confused with the actual Kansas City, by which I mean the one in Missouri, not Kansas City, Kansas, obviously. Anyway, on Monday Dakota allegedly h...

reveal time blind gossip reports fight in the green room blind gossip ...

reveal time blind gossip reports fight in the green room blind gossip ...
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Blind Gossip – Which Celebrity Wants To Be A Real Housewife? Another ...

Blind Gossip – Which Celebrity Wants To Be A Real Housewife? Another ...
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by Carrie-May Siggins January 10, 2012

by Carrie-May Siggins January 10, 2012
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  • Defeat highlights United's inadequacies

    01/11/15 ,via

    "I don't think it was the worst United have played," said Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville, but that assessment revealed more about the unconvincing nature of their form than the quality of this effort. Van Gaal's team might be expensively assembled but

  • Every woman Prince Andrew has ever been linked to

    01/06/15 ,via Daily Mail

    The relationship came to an abrupt end when it was revealed the American actress had starred in a lesbian shower scene in a soft-porn movie called Emily ten years before. Responding to the scandal at the time, the Palace said: 'We do not know if the

  • VIDEO: Blind Singer Garrett Miles Amazes On American Idol Premiere

    01/09/15 ,via Gossip Cop

    The 25-year-old from Alabama revealed he was diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia as a child, but Miles hasn't let the fact that he can't see stop him from pursuing his love of singing. Miles has had some help from his father, who affectionately calls

  • Kristen Stewart Wraps Arm Around Alicia Cargile in New Sighting

    01/08/15 ,via Just Jared

    It was recently revealed that Kristen's movie The Big Shoe has canceled its current shooting plans after the South African Film Fund didn't come up with the money it had pledged for the production, according to Gossip Cop. We'll have to wait . I

  • What time does Celebrity Big Brother 2015 start? All the latest CBB news and ...

    01/06/15 ,via

    After months of rumours and whisperings, all is finally set to be revealed with a star-studded launch on Channel 5. Emma Willis will return as host as she ushers in the famous names in a two-hour live kickoff from 9pm on Wednesday January 7. The

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  • Blind Gossip Item Revealed! Bratty Reality TV Star Cover Model

    01/01/14 ,via Reality Tea

    We've been keeping an eye out, watching for reveals to many of our blind gossip items over the past year. And today we have one for you! This was the blind gossip from back in July. "This former B- list reality star is now a C- list celebrity. She managed ...

  • Blind Items Revealed: Who Was the Star Behind the DWTS Season 13 Gossip Items?

    01/03/12 ,via Wetpaint

    Crazy Days and Nights is known for posting juicy blind items. On New Year’s Day, the site held Gossip Christmas by revealing the subjects of many 2011’s items. Two of those reveals were Dancing With the Stars-related and included Rob Kardashian.

  • 10 juicy pieces of celebrity gossip (including some blind item reveals) from Lainey Lui’s annual Smut Soirée

    06/26/12 ,via Toronto Life

    1. Brad Pitt has a code name at the Ritz-Carlton Lainey, who has covered TIFF for eTalk and the Globe and Mail, revealed what staffers at the Ritz-Carlton call Brad Pitt when he stays there during the festival: Goldilocks. He can fall asleep in our bed any ...

  • MORE Blind Items REVEALED: Liev Schreiber Punched Sean Penn

    01/01/12 ,via Evil Beet Gossip

    You guys, I almost totally forgot! The Entertainment Lawyer who scribes Crazy Days and Nights is finally “naming names,” as is his hallowed New Year’s Day tradition. Emily hit on some of the year’s best, most salacious scandals, but you guys! THERE ...

  • Blind Items: The Vice We Need To Quit, Now

    02/07/14 ,via Refinery29

    At one point, Ted revealed there was even a baby in the ... As the blogosphere grew, so too did the world of blind items, and I began to expand my "research." There was Lainey, Blind Gossip, and the ever-seductive Crazy Days And Nights, all of which ...


  • Hiding in Hip Hop

    Simon and Schuster. 2008. ISBN: 9781416553397,1416553398. 305 pages.

    An entertainment industry insider traces his ten-year career in Hollywood and hip-hop, where he witnessed the profound influence of sexual orientation on the careers of celebrities who presented themselves as straight while hiding their homosexuality.

  • Blind

    2015. 416 pages.
  • The Blind Owl

    Grove Press. 2010. ISBN: 080219642X,9780802196422. 160 pages.

    Recognized as the outstanding Iranian writer of the twentieth century, Sadegh Hedayat is credited with having brought his country's language and literature into the mainstream of contemporary writing. The Blind Owl, long considered a classic and often compared to the works of Poe, chillingly recreates the labyrinthine movements of a deranged mind. The young woman who haunts the narrator is first introduced as a stranger with jet-black hair and wide, haunting eyes. She creeps into the...


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