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Do you wonder what it's like to be colorblind? Get answers to pressing questions in this new short film, adapted from the documentary "No Such Thing As Color...

... suffer from color blindness, as compared to just 0.5% of all women

... suffer from color blindness, as compared to just 0.5% of all women
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Color Blindness Slide 8 of 10

Color Blindness Slide 8 of 10
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Colo Blind Facts 10 Interesting Color Blindness Facts

Colo Blind Facts 10 Interesting Color Blindness Facts
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  • Did the media get Ferguson wrong?

    10/23/14 ,via The Week Magazine

    The DNA of our political and legal systems rest on principles of equality and color-blindness, and here was yet another example of a major genetic mutation that we've been unable to fix: young black men being murdered by the police because they're

  • Cute Internet animal leads to apocalypse in 'Memetic'

    10/21/14 ,via USA TODAY

    Aaron has various disabilities, including intense color blindness and partial deafness, and Marcus Shaw is the former head of military intelligence who's now blind due to macular degeneration. Marcus is the man on the inside in the Pentagon, "We

  • Parents, Teachers Share How They Talk About Race At Home, In Classroom

    10/20/14 ,via St. Louis Public Radio

    Like talking about the “facts of life,” or “the birds and the bees,” many parents and teachers know that discussing race and racism is necessary in helping young people learn about life. reporter Tim Lloyd presented “A Teachable

  • “Forgotten History” a must-see student-made film

    This was a depressing fact to me, and not only because that is about as many people as you are likely to see in a movie theater showing a documentary at any given time. It depressed me because the film, “Forgotten History,” is an important, vital look

  • Op-ed: Berkeley, not Big Soda, knows what's best for Berkeley

    10/15/14 ,via Berkeleyside

    In fact, the tax (which is applied to distribution, not retail sale) covers drinks consumed across the economic spectrum, and if the price of one drink becomes burdensome to a consumer, he or she can choose healthier options that are not taxed. Finally

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  • Doctor's Diagnosis: X chromosomes

    10/21/14 ,via Newsday

    My friends who are color blind are males. Every patient I have taken care of ... This fertilized egg somehow contained all the information needed to develop into a full-grown organism capable of reading. Where in the fertilized egg was all this information ...

  • Shades of Gray? The Facts of Color-blindness

    10/31/14 ,via empowher.com

    Color-blindness is a common genetically inherited condition. For someone with color-blindness, a color television may not mean all that much. Red, white, and blue is an idea, and not necessarily something on the flag. They may understand that green means ...

  • The Cartographer Who’s Transforming Map Design

    10/20/14 ,via Wired News

    ... eliminate color schemes that can’t be read by color blind people or ones that don’t photocopy well. Finally, you can see your choices applied to a sample map to check that each of the colors you’ve chosen is easily distinguished from the others.

  • Color Blindness

    10/03/14 ,via consumer.healthday.com

    When someone has difficulty seeing colors or distinguishing between colors, this is known as color blindness or a color vision deficiency. Color blindness, which affects more men than women, can range from mild to severe in nature. The most common form of ...

  • Viagra Linked To Blindness — Are You At Risk?

    10/01/14 ,via The Inquisitr

    Although information that Viagra may cause blindness is new, studies had previously shown that ... “Side effects can include sensitivity to bright light, blurred vision and altered color vision… We are concerned that people [who take Viagra] who ...


  • The New Jim Crow

    The New Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781595586438,1595586431. 312 pages.

    Argues that the War on Drugs and policies that deny convicted felons equal access to employment, housing, education and public benefits create a permanent under-caste based largely on race. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.

  • Color-names, Color-blindness, and the Education of the Color-sense in Our Schools

    1882. 11 pages.
  • 14 Fun Facts About Eyes

    Learning Island. 20 pages.

    Our eyes are round objects that sit at the halfway point of our head. They are about one inch (25 mm) in diameter and come in a variety of colors. They allow us to see all the wonders of the world and beyond. We still don’t understand exactly how they work in transforming light into color and objects, but they do, and it’s amazing. Let’s see how much you know about eyes. Can you answer these questions? How many layers do your eyes have? How many colors can your eyes see? Who blinks more,...


50 Facts about Color Blindness | Colblindor

Colblindor at www.color-blindness.com is all about color vision deficiency. This site exists since 2006 and we are happy to help you out on any questions concerning cvd.

Color blindness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Color blindness, or color vision deficiency, is the inability or decreased ability to see color, or perceive color differences, under normal lighting conditions.

color blindness Facts, information, pictures ...

Color blindness Definition. Color blindness is an abnormal condition characterized by the inability to clearly distinguish different colors of the spectrum.

10 Facts About Color Blindness | ColorBlindnes

An interactive presentation featuring 10 interesting facts about color blindness and color vision deficiency.

Color Blindness-Topic Overview - WebMD

Color blindness means that you have trouble seeing red, green, or blue or a mix of these colors. It's rare that a person sees no color at all. Color blindness is also ...

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