Jack White — "Love Is Blindness" — The Great Gatsby Soundtrack (Official Version)

Available for pre-order on VINYL now from Third Man Records: http://bit.ly/13mlKYK Jack White's cover of U2's "Love Is Blindness" from Baz Luhrmann's The Gre...

Update 26 November 2014 - Guest Blog Post by Tom O’Halloran - Reading to and with class

Welcome to week six. What a huge week for the mailing list as we welcomed our 1000th educator. This month has been a record for posts also, so thank you so much for you engagement and involvement. With reports almost done for most of you, now could be a great time to explore the changes to the Instructional series recently. How are you using the digital copies of the This year as part of my inquiry into my practice I decided to have a look at the books I was using as shared books for reading to and with the class. Last year I had used the large books that are prevalent at schools, focusing on one book per week and revisiting it every day. The pattern would generally flow the same way each week; prediction, word work, rhyme, repetition, language features, punctuation, reading with expression, and often performing the book as drama. The books were very functional and did what they set out to achieve, but I must admit to finding it quite dull and repetitive. There was nothing in these books to inspire, or dive into creativity from. Covering big themes such as difference and acceptance (great to start a class with), being new, friendship; with an emphasis on visual language, the kids were hooked straight away. The depth of discussion we got into on these texts, to me, was directly related to our revisiting these texts daily and the way we engaged with them. It began to feel a bit like I was in a room with a group of miniature philosophers, arguing over whether Noah Dreary deserved to have his head fall off for complaining too much, or if Sunday Chutney enjoyed being different to everyone and whether that mattered or not. We got straight into the author's purpose, which was particularly explicit in the visual language of the illustrations - using distance and size as big contrasts. Inevitably planning for these experiences is quite time consuming, ie, selecting the right drama methods, or parsing the big themes from the texts and constructing thought provoking... Source: AnneKcam

love is blind

love is blind
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love is blind is a common quotes but my meaning in love is blind is ...

love is blind is a common quotes but my meaning in love is blind is ...
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Love is blind - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Love is blind. Cliché If you love someone, you cannot see any faults in that person. Jill: I don't understand why Joanna likes Tom. He's inconsiderate, he's vain ...

Love is blind - Idiom Definition - UsingEnglish.com

Definition of 'Love is blind' from our dictionary of English idioms and idiomatic expressions

What Does " Love Is Blind " Mean ? - Blurtit

When people use the saying, love is blind, what they are really saying is that when you are deeply in love you often fail to see the faults of the one you love.

What does 'love is blind' mean - Answers.com

What is the meaning of Love to faults is always blind always is to joy inclined Lawless winged and unconfined and breaks all chains from every mind?

Love is blind - phrases

Love is blind Origin. This expression is first found in Chaucer's Merchant's Tale, circa 1405: For loue is blynd alday and may nat see. It didn't at that stage become ...

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