Blind Horse Knives - Bushcrafter
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Blind Horse Knives - Bushcrafter

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Custom Blind Horse Knives knife Lot T
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Custom Blind Horse Knives knife Lot T

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Blind Horse Bush Pig Knife  USA
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Blind Horse Bush Pig Knife USA

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Blind Horse Knives BHK Platoon Scout PLSK Scout USA Survival Bushcraft
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Blind Horse Knives BHK Platoon Scout PLSK Scout USA Survival Bushcraft

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Blind Horse Knives Trapline Companion - Pathfinder Logo - Very Rare
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Blind Horse Knives Trapline Companion - Pathfinder Logo - Very Rare

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Huge Rare Buckeye Burl Blind Horse Knife Lumberjack Toothpick Chopper LE
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Huge Rare Buckeye Burl Blind Horse Knife Lumberjack Toothpick Chopper LE

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Blind Horse Knives Split Info Dave Canterbury, David Canterbury, The Pathfinder School,Bush Craft ,Survival skills, Historical Lore, Primitive Skills, Ar...

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The last of our Blind Horse Knives will be updated here. It's been a great run and we look forward to dealing L.T. Wright Knives and Battle Horse Knives!

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we will be separating the blind horse knives from the battle horse knives as we have several left over blind horse knives, the last of them have come in stock ...

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