Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind [New Vinyl LP] Holland - Import
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Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind [New Vinyl LP] Holland - Import

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Third Eye Blind - Collection: Best of [New CD]
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Third Eye Blind - Collection: Best of [New CD]

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Third Eye Blind : Third Eye Blind CD (1997)
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Third Eye Blind : Third Eye Blind CD (1997)

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Third Eye Blind - Full Album

This is audio of Third Eye Blind's 1997 self-titled debut album. 1. Losing a Whole Year (0:00) 2. Narcolepsy (3:21) 3. Semi-Charmed Life (7:09) 4. Jumper (11...

Teen Wolf: Third Eye Blind review - Den of Geek (US)

If I ever said a less than flattering word about Teen Wolf , may Kate Argent and every member of her Berserker army come and make me pay for what I have done. Tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf was completely on point. As usual, the visual beats of the show were stunning (um, can someone please take me on a date in a loft full of dazzling ambient light bulbs and force me to watch Star Wars , please? Anyone?) and the narrative and emotional threads were all well-served.

I feel like a full baby who has just been burped: It won’t get any better than this until I poop, y’all.

Scott and Kira took their relationship to the next level tonight. By which I mean, they kiss each other's parts but full coitus was prevented when Kate and her skull-clad army kidnapped them and absconded with their unconscious persons to Mexico. I got flashbacks of Michael Douglas’s psychological thriller The Game , but that could very well just be me. Side note: Lol, that movie though, amiright? Classic.

In Mexico, we learn that Scott is going to be turned into a Berserker. Kate’s motives seem unclear here, but I don’t doubt that they’ll be explained. Right now though, her angle is a little obtuse. Just saying “I want to know about you Scott” sounds less like an ominous threat and more like a line Kate would use to try and pick him up after hours at a TGIFridays. Other pick up lines used at the restaurant could involve the deputy hitting on Daddy Argent by being all, “Is that a lead pipe keeping you pinned to the wall or are you just happy to see me?”

The show has done an excellent job setting up Scott’s potential fall from grace and that was never more true than this week. We are reminded once again that Scott is a true alpha -- one who came into his powers for no reason other than his nature. But Scott’s been battling his violent urges all season and this...


Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind
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third eye blind, circa 1998

third eye blind, circa 1998
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Third Eye Blind - Blue

Third Eye Blind - Blue
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  • Teen Wolf: Third Eye Blind review

    09/02/14 ,via Den of Geek (US)

    A perfect episode of Teen Wolf deserves a spoiler-filled review, no? Yes. It does. If I ever said a less than flattering word about Teen Wolf, may Kate Argent and every member of her Berserker army come and make me pay for what I have done. Tonight's 

  • Royal Oak streets bustling on first night of Arts, Beats & Eats

    08/30/14 ,via

    The main stage will include performances by local reality-show stars Jeff Gutt and Jena Irene, along with a night-closing set from Third Eye Blind. "The stage managers go out of our way to book the best stuff on Saturday nights," said Brian Major, an

  • Music Midtown 2014 schedule announced

    08/27/14 ,via WSB Atlanta

    That's the headlining status of Music Midtown 2014, which will take place Sept. 19-20 at Piedmont Park. In addition to announcing the specific day/time lineup, festival producer Live Nation has also added Third Eye Blind and Vic Mensa to the event

  • Pittsburgh's New Immigrants: One night at a refugee camp in Nepal

    09/11/14 ,via Pittsburgh Post Gazette

    which is staffed with Nepali law enforcement. But the camp's borders are now somewhat porous. A spokeswoman for the United Nations Refugee Agency later told me that authorities turn a blind eye and allow refugees to come and go largely as they

  • Kiszla: Broncos' Terrance Knighton deserves praise for ripping Ray Rice

    09/11/14 ,via The Denver Post

    Justice can't be blind or impartial when one eye is constantly on the bottom line. Every move by Goodell in dealing with this domestic-violence case seemed the NFL really needs to do is what should have been done a long time ago. A third-party

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  • Method and Red bring the energy to House of Blues Houston

    11/18/14 ,via Examiner

    This holds particularly true for the nostalgia realm. While a number of 90s-era bands - Everclear, Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows - have found success with recent tours, the same era hasn't produced nearly the number of tours in the hip-hop space.

  • Why does Smash Mouth hate Third Eye Blind? The story behind the ’90s rock feud that still lives on

    06/03/14 ,via Washington Post

    Why does Smash Mouth hate Third Eye Blind so much? This is an actual question, and no, you have not been transported to 1997, the year in which Smash Mouth’s “Walkin’ on the Sun” and Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life” were absolutely ...

  • Third Eye Blind Ordered to Pay $448K to Former Guitarist

    10/22/13 ,via Hollywood Reporter

    Think rock bands are like democracies, with each bandmember having an equal say about where to tour, creative decisions and whom to hire? Think again. Today's lesson in intra-band politics comes from Third Eye Blind, which hit it big in the '90s with chart ...

  • Wife of ex-guitarist for rock band Third Eye Blind 'kidnapped her 6-year-old daughter' amid bitter custody battle

    10/01/13 ,via Daily Mail

    The wife of an ex-member of the rock band Third Eye Blind has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping her own 6-year-old daughter. Kristi Fredianelli, 36, appeared in court Friday after being taken into custody on a fugitive warrant September 19. She is ...

  • Third Eye Blind a '90s band with staying power

    09/19/14 ,via The Morning Call

    Who is living a “Semi-Charmed” kind of life? The South By Southwest music festival just loves the '90s: Soundgarden, Green Day and Third Eye Blind are just some of the bands from the Clinton era that have headlined Austin's massive fest over the last ...


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Third Eye Blind (sometimes abbreviated as 3eb) is an American alternative rock band formed in the early 1990s in San Francisco. The songwriting duo of ...

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Since 1997, San Franciscos Third Eye Blind have recorded three best-selling albums and assembled one career retrospective. 3EB will release Ursa Major, their...

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