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Five Most Common Problems With Vertical Blinds

Kung Fu Maintenance goes over the five most common problems with vertical blinds. http://KungFuMaintenance.Com Buy The Kung Fu Maintenance E Book Here http:/...

Wham, Glam, Thank You Ma'am - Santa Fe Reporter

whiff of copal , a traditional incense made out of tree resin, and the sound of ceremonial drumming floods the air last Saturday morning at El Paso’s Lincoln Park, the Chicano center of the Texas border town. Added to it is the rattle of ayoyotes —cuffs covered in hollowed cabalonga seeds that are worn around the wrist and ankles—doubling as percussion. The cacophony is rounded out by the bustle of traffic coming from atop the three-level expressway locals call the “Spaghetti Bowl.”

Five members of Danza Omecoatl are doing their thing by the racquetball court. Some are outfitted in ceremonial garb, while others wear sneakers and basketball shorts.

Saúl Armendáriz, huehuetero , or drummer, for the Aztec dance ensemble is running 20 minutes behind. He exits his Altima and greets me. “My body doesn’t work in the mornings,” he says. “Look at my hand,” he continues, shaking. He explains he’s been diagnosed with onset fibromyalgia and an earlier medical appointment where he was to receive a cortisone shot fell through. “I couldn’t even brush my hair,” he admits. Still, his ’do is feathered to perfection.

He shows off another battle scar, a popped collarbone he expects to get fixed in a couple of months, and goes on to explain the troupe’s name. It’s in honor of a Mesoamerican deity, interconnected serpents, which represent the feminine and masculine dualities. “Like that,” he says, looking at a vivid mural painted on a freeway support pylon.

“I came out in the ’70 s . I was never in the closet, because I never had a closet."<

The theme has been a recurring one in Saúl’s life, who as his alter ego, lucha libre exotic superstar Cassandro, challenges the norms of gender identity in a sport famously steeped in machismo.

Lucha libre is a kaleidoscope of circus, Roman Coliseum-style bouts, telenovela -worthy melodrama and carnival sideshow....


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