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Color Blindness is mainly the result of hereditary deficient X chromosome. Because men only have 1 X chromosome, they are more likely to be color blind. Wome...

चीनो अरब हमारा, खरब सरग भी, हमारा..

भ्रष्‍टाचार का आंकड़ा रह-रहकर हमें दिखता है, मगर उसका स्‍थापत्‍य, उसकी कुशल कारीगरी की थाह हमें कुछ हो पाती है? पिछले पोस्‍ट का अंत किताब की जिन पंक्तियों के साथ किया था- “By 2012 the richest seventy members of China’s national legislature had a net worth of almost ninety billion dollars—more than ten times the combined net worth of the entire U.S. Congress.” – इसका ठीक मतलब क्‍या हुआ, हमारे माथे में पहुंच रहा है? पहुंच रहा है तो हम सीधे-सीधे उसे पचा ले पा रहे हैं?
अस्‍सी के दशक तक चीनी रेल की कहानी हिन्‍दुस्‍तानी रेल की कहानी से बहुत अलग नहीं थी, कुछ मामलों में संभवत: बदतर ही रही होगी. मगर नब्‍बे के बाद से यह नज़ारा बदलना शुरु हुआ. नई लाईनें बिछाई जानी थीं, हवाई तेजी हासिल करनी थी, सब जल्‍दी जल्‍दी. ज़ाहिर है जहां इतना पैसा खपना था, भ्रष्‍टाचार भी नई ऊंचाइयां अक्‍वायर करती, आइये देखें, इस रेलीय नव-भ्रष्‍टाचार का स्‍थापत्‍तीय शिल्‍प किस खूबसूरती में ढला था..
“Until recently, China’s trains had always been a symbol of backwardness. More than a century ago, when the Empress Dowager was given a miniature engine to bear her about the Imperial City, she found the “fire cart” so insulting to the natural order that she banished it and insisted that her carriage continue to be dragged by eunuchs. Chairman Mao laid tracks across the country, partly for military use, but travel for ordinary people remained a misery of delayed, overcrowded trains nicknamed for the soot-stained color of the carriages: “green skins” were the slowest, “red skins” scarcely better. Even after Japan pioneered high-speed trains, in the 1950s, and Europe followed suit, China lagged behind with what the state press bemoaned as two inches of track per person—“less than the length of a cigarette.”
In 2003, China’s minister of railways, Liu Zhijun, took charge of plans to build seventy-five hundred miles of high-speed railway—more than could be found in the rest of the world combined. For anyone with experience on Chinese trains, it was hard to picture. “Back in 1995, if you had told... Source: अज़दक

The Ishihara Color test: Full test at

The Ishihara Color test: Full test at
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Answer: 8. Those red/green deficient will see a 3.

Answer: 8. Those red/green deficient will see a 3.
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Generating Color Blindness Test Images with Processing

Generating Color Blindness Test Images with Processing
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