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3 1/2" Fabric Vertical Blinds

Our 3 1/2" Fabric Vertical Blinds can transform a larger window or sliding glass door into something elegant. Offering popular designer colored fabric vanes,...

It's easy to wrap up unique, attractive blinds - Florida Weekly

A visit to Absolute Blinds Etc. on the Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte reveals so many options for window décor that it may be a bit overwhelming. When it comes to window blinds, the showroom has an abundance of choices of materials, styles and textures.

Although vertical blinds have been and may always be a top-selling item, Absolute Blinds also offers a unique and attractive customization of vertical blinds that comes in the form of ADO wraps.

ADO is an industry leader in fine drapery fabrics and offers unique, coordinated collections to personalize any décor.

ADO fabrics are backed with a five-year guarantee that promises lasting washability and durability with fibers that won’t shrink, stretch or fade. But what exactly IS a wrap for vertical blinds? An ADO wrap acts like a slipcover that installs easily over 3½-inch vertical blinds.

“The fabric has a snap tape sewn across the top and a tack at the bottom to make a pocket. Then it snaps over the top of the vertical blind vanes, and the bottom pocket slips over the bottom of the vane,” said Absolute Blinds owner Doug Hamilton.

“It’s a smart way to combine the functionality of basic vertical blinds with a stylish way to customize your window treatments and give them an elegant look.”

If you don’t already have vertical blinds, the ADO wrap is able to be purchased as an all-in-one vertical blind system, which includes the headrail, 3½-inch vertical blind vanes, mounting brackets and a valance in white or ivory faux wood.

Popular features are child-safety cords for manual operation or an option for a motorized, remote-operated window treatment. Sheer fabric choices allow natural light to filter through while still providing privacy, and a simple turn of the blinds allows the option of room darkening as well.

At Absolute Blinds Etc., knowledgeable and helpful experts can help you design a beautiful drapery and soft treatment look that will satisfy your unique... Source:

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    12/11/14 ,via Florida Weekly

    ADO fabrics are backed with a five-year guarantee that promises lasting washability and durability with fibers that won't shrink, stretch or fade. But what exactly IS a wrap for vertical blinds? An ADO wrap acts like a slipcover that installs easily

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Directory Fabric Vertical Blinds

Product Description... any vertical blind - go with the best from Graber. Fabric vanes ...

Vertical Window Blinds - Fabric Vertical Blinds ...

Buy Vertical Window Blinds! Find inexpensive fabric vertical blinds & sheer verticals (like Hunter Douglas™ Luminettes®) at JustBlinds® - FREE Shipping!

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Fabric Vertical Blinds, Soft Vertical Blinds

Fabric vertical blinds feature soft fabric vanes in a wide variety of colors, materials and textures, providing more style options for your home decorating needs.

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