Cleaning Mini Blinds

Mini blinds can be a dirt and dust magnet. They can also be frusterating to clean. This video on clenaing mini blinds will minimize you mini blind frusterati...


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Cleaning Mini Blinds

Cleaning Mini Blinds
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wikiHow to Clean Mini Blinds

Soak the blinds. If the blinds are not clean enough from just dusting, the best solution is to soak them. Consider sending your blinds to the cleaners, or do it yourself:

How to Clean Mini Blinds | eHow

How to Clean Mini Blinds. Mini-blinds are a popular, convenient, inexpensive window dressing and can last for many years. Unfortunately, mini-blinds also collect dust ...

How to Clean Dirt and Grime from Mini-Blinds-Living Areas

Keeping Your Mini-Blinds Clean. Clean Your Air Ducts: The dust, dirt and grime on those mini-blinds represents the air quality in your home. Clean Your Air Filters ...

Cleaning Tips for Horizontal Mini Blinds -Living Areas

Sunny day option: Another option is rinse off your mini blinds using a garden hose and then leave them outside to dry. Only do this if it is a sunny day and the ...

Tested: The Best Way to Clean Mini Blinds | The Manly ...

I just purchased a blind cleaning tool at TJMaxx for 4 bucks and what made it work better was getting the microfiber cloth wet! It would gather dust and I made a ...

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