Legally Blind 13: How I See the World

I finally try to answer the hardest question for a legally blind person to answer. What is it like to see? I have tried to the best of my ability to explain ...

Special Need- Albinism

We are re-posting some articles about special needs that are commonly seen on the China shared list. This article was written by Pat Marcus, a pediatric physical therapist.

Albinism is a group of genetic conditions that causes a lack of pigment. It can effect only the eyes or both the eyes and skin. For the most part Albinism is what we call a recessive trait and that means that parents without signs of Albinism can have a child with Albinism. In this condition, the genes that produce the pigment melanin that colors the skin don’t produce enough pigment. The National Organization of Albinism and Hypopigmentation(NOAH) reports one in every 17,000 person in the United States has some type of Albinism.

There are several associated issues with Albinism. The first and primary one is vision. Individuals with Albinism have low vision and often their eyes shake side to side. Although many children with Albinism are legally blind they can see functionally.

Often by holding the object very close and slowly looking at it. A diagnosis of legal blindness is not always indicative of how a child will function. There are many treatments that can improve low vision and functional vision in these children. The issue of eyes shaking side to side is called nystagmus. Many visual issues associated with Albinism can benefit from mild surgical intervention, prescription glasses and sun glasses, visual rehabilitation and adaptive aides for vision(magnifiers, computer screen magnification, proper lighting).

The second common problem is skin lacking pigment can be burned quickly, there by causing skin cancers. There are great sun screens and Sun blocking clothing available now. Many parents refer to this as a non issue. Here is the most important thing to know. Children with Albinism are of normal intelligence and will live a normal life span. For more information you can visit . There...

Source: Gladney Center's Asia Waiting Child Program

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what prescription is legally blind ? - Eye Care Archive ...

"legally blind" in my state (Texas) is defined as having worse than 20/70 vision with the BETTER eye thru the best possible rx. in other words, even with the best ...

legally blind? - Eye Care - MedHelp

What prescription is considered legally blind? My contact prescription is over -5.00. I am wondering if I am legally blind WITHOUT contacts or glasses.

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How can someone be legally blind but still be able to see? Can I convert my glasses prescription to a contact lens prescription? Language Toggle; Text Size; Facebook;

What eye prescription would be classified as "legally blind"?

Answers: No--6.50 and 7.00 are rather large numbers, but if your glasses/contacts can correct you so that you can see 20/100 or better, you are not legally blind.

What eye prescription is considered legally blind? |

In order to be considered legally blind, a person must have a score of no better than 20/200 on a vision test while wearing corrective lenses, according to WebMD. The ...

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