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Before my project on X-Linked Color Blindness, I always thought of being color blind as seeing only black and white. I follow most of the world on this misconception. Being color blind does not mean that you are blind to color, but however you see color in different ways; monochromatics are rare. Being an x-linked disorder, men are far more likely to be diagnosed with this disease than women. This is something that I further learned about recently.

The more interesting topics that I learned involved the Ishihara test. This is a test using colored dots that reveal a certain image that either only color blind people could or could not see. I discovered that I was not color blind. Now I know for sure! Although, it always bugged me to know the fact that people that are color blind may never know that they are color blind because they grow up learning their colors in their own way. If they grew up seeing tree leaves as red where normal people see it as green, then they would also call it green. Their red is not the same as our red, but its could just be switched around.

A lot of interesting topics!

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Answer: 57. Those red/green deficient will see a 35.

Answer: 57. Those red/green deficient will see a 35.
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... on the X chromosome in males are expressed in males. Color Blindness

... on the X chromosome in males are expressed in males. Color Blindness
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Answer: 8. Those red/green deficient will see a 3.

Answer: 8. Those red/green deficient will see a 3.
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    09/23/07 ,via ShadowSpear Special Operations

    I went to MEPS a couple months ago, and failed the color vision test (Ishihara Test). I have since been to an eye doctor, and was told that I am red/green deficient. I signed reserve 0321 at MEPS, but now my recruiter thinks that my color vision problem DQ ...

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    In this test, two pages were used — the original page used ... As you can see in the diagram, people that suffer from color blindness see red and green very differently and it’s hard to distinguish one from another. As red and green are opposite ...

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    Colour blindness is tested in daylight, using special coloured cards. A more complicated test uses an instrument called an anomaloscope. It shines a changing mixture of red and green light. The person is asked to change the mixture until it looks the same ...

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    An answer for red-green colorblindness? Now a new application for the O2Amps ... Furthermore, it does not correct total color blindness. 2AI Labs is also in the midst of developing interior lighting with the O2Amp technology. Using recently acquired ...


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Some tests for red-green color blindness Notes: Because different color monitors reproduce colors differently, the figures on this site are not a reliable test for ...

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Hi, I found this website to be really helpful! I was told when I was small that I was color blind, and knew it had something to do with Red, Green and Brown.

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... (and most people with Red-Green color blindness). ... The full Ishihara test consists of a set of 38 plates and tests in-depth for color blindness.

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