White Paper Shade Temporary Blinds Pleated 6 Pieces 36-by-72-Inch Brand
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White Paper Shade Temporary Blinds Pleated 6 Pieces 36-by-72-Inch Brand

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White Paper Shade Temporary Blinds Pleated 6 Pieces 36-by-72-Inch Brand
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White Paper Shade Temporary Blinds Pleated 6 Pieces 36-by-72-Inch Brand

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Cats and a Sense of Proportion

Despite the many traits we have in common, our cats will rank things in order of importance somewhat differently than we do.

Windows are a classic example. We see windows in terms of what curtains or blinds we put over them, and what furniture and knickknacks we put under them. We care about the view, and so does our cat, but they think in terms of where they can sit and what is in their way.

We moved a piece of furniture from RJ’s favorite window in the bedroom. RJ rushed around frantically in the area, trying to convey to us that something vitally important was missing. He didn’t calm down until we moved a cat tree into the space. The emergency was over: he could once again sit at that window.

Our cats may have different priorities than we do. But since we ask our cats to respect our wishes regarding their behavior, we should respect their feelings about arranging our mutual home.

We sometimes have to do some imagination work to understand why our cat is getting upset about something. Just as they don’t understand why we would be upset about them climbing things that are meant to be climbed and playing with things that are meant to be played with. This is a question of perspective. It’s amazing how both of us can put ourselves into the mindset of another creature with disparate instincts and drives.

If our cat is determined to draw our attention to something, the cat is expressing an important need that we have to address. Our cat is glad to help out by explaining, with their body language, what they are trying to show us.

The tale of Tristan and his cat tree is a classic example of humans and cats looking at something on two mismatched levels. When we were rearranging our living room, Mr WayofCats rolled up our rug and leaned it against the corner of the hallway, in Tristan’s favorite spot.

Mr WayofCats said he thought it might be something he would like. I said, “Indeed it will.”


Source: Way of Cats blog » The Way of Cats helps you understand, train, and love your pet cat

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the clips seem to not keep the shades from flying around from the window. any ideas to keep them down.I have them on a plastic sill so I cannot use anything magnetic.

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