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Third Eye Blind - Full Album

This is audio of Third Eye Blind's 1997 self-titled debut album. 1. Losing a Whole Year (0:00) 2. Narcolepsy (3:21) 3. Semi-Charmed Life (7:09) 4. Jumper (11...

The Pinkprint & The Push Back: Nicki Minaj’s “Only”

Kyle Ellison hasn’t worn pink since Cam left the Roc.

We’re now ten months into 2014 and the only Cash Money record you can buy in stores is the ironically titled Young Money compilation, Rise of an Empire . Tha Carter V is missing in action, The Pinkprint has been pushed back again and Tyga is being kept in captivity despite managing to convince Kanye to executive produce his album. Meanwhile, Busta parted ways with the label this summer and Mystikal joined him shortly after, leaving DJ Khaled, Euro and Limp Bizkit to hold the fort. Where art thou Gudda Gudda?

Sure enough, it was left to Sir Francis Drake to plug the holes in the sinking ship, but the three songs he dripped onto the internet last week had all the consistency of a raspberry liqueur. You may like raspberry liqueur, but it’s not much good for mending a leaky boat. Nicki Minaj’s “Only”, then, is the sound of the reinforcements being summoned. Wayne and Aubrey are here to complete rap’s most bankable trio and they’ve brought Chris Brown along for the ride as well – a man who could seemingly urinate gleefully into the expectant faces of his fanbase and continue to sell records by the metric ton. The song was produced by Dr Luke, whose medical credentials I’ve long since begun to doubt, but who remains a reliable hitmaker of mostly tedious hits.

Like the two before it, Nicki’s third Pinkprint single feels hopelessly cynical. “Pills and Potions” was an audaciously transparent bit of product placement barely disguised under a belting Katy Perry-like hook. “Anaconda”, whatever you make of its politics, saw Nicki’s focus so fiercely concentrated on spawning viral #content that she forgot to write a likeable song. Now there’s “Only”, which again fails to amount to a rap song you’d actually want to listen to, trading instead on the megalomaniacal notion that listeners are dying for the scoop on a Young Money ménage...

Source: Passion of the Weiss

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind
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Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind (1997)

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind (1997)
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genre alternative released apr 08 1997 buy third eye blind album ...

genre alternative released apr 08 1997 buy third eye blind album ...
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  • By the Numbers: Big Shiny Tunes 2

    10/30/14 ,via Calgary Herald

    17 Tracks on the album. The album was a blend of alt-rock hits from the year, including “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind, “Walkin' on the Sun” by Smash Mouth and “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead, and CanCon faves like “My Old Self” by Wide Mouth 

  • Streaming Music Has Left Me Adrift

    10/17/14 ,via New York Times

    In order to keep this system running smoothly, a handful of major labels coordinated with broadcasters and retailers to encourage everyone to like the same thing, e.g. Third Eye Blind. This approach divided music into two broad categories: “popular

  • Bryan Adams: 'Remember these soldiers and the consequences of war'

    11/02/14 ,via

    He was affected by gas, and for the rest of his life he had a weeping eye. My father was a Sandhurst officer. Instead, he chose to avoid such behaviour – when he celebrated the 30th anniversary of his breakthrough album with his songwriting partner

  • Mothers love

    10/19/14 ,via Denton Record Chronicle

    The Mothers haven't staged an official album release party for the local band's self-titled debut album, which came out over the summer. But the laid-back 'Semi-Charmed Life'?” Williams said, referring to a happy-sounding song by Third Eye Blind

  • T.I.: 'We Make Music That Come From The Heart'

    10/21/14 ,via NPR (blog)

    Ever since my very very first album, I — KP took me up there and we did not — we knew we couldn't afford Pharrell. And I — me being .. It's not — I can't just turn a blind eye. I ain't never .. And the third is more of a, like, you know, life

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  • Third Eye Blind sees end of the album road

    12/27/12 ,via Chicago Tribune

    You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't already familiar with Third Eye Blind. The band was a pop star in the '90s, and its career has since followed a common, if little discussed, trajectory from a two-or-three-hit wonder to an under-the-radar cult ...

  • Third Eye Blind a '90s band with staying power

    09/19/14 ,via The Morning Call

    It's a great place to hear new music." However, Third Eye Blind is hardly prolific when it comes to new music. The band has recorded only four albums in 20 years. The band's 1997 eponymous debut album helped Third Eye Blind become a pop sensation.

  • Live: Third Eye Blind: Out with the new, in with the old

    05/12/14 ,via

    Their fifth and supposedly final album seems to be suffering the same fate, too. But Third Eye Blind’s headlining set was indeed a little rough around the edges. Singles they’ve surely played hundreds of times occasionally came to an abrupt close ...

  • Third Eye Blind satisfies hungry fans in Bethlehem with hits

    09/20/14 ,via Lehigh Valley Live

    I feel like for a lot of you, this is not your first Third Eye Blind show," he said. Indeed, this is the band's sixth appearance in the Lehigh Valley since 2007, and Jenkins said they'd be honored to come back again after they release their album.

  • Third Eye Blind to perform outdoor concert at SteelStacks

    06/23/14 ,via 69 WFMZ TV News

    Chart toppers Third Eye Blind will rock the Levitt Pavillion at SteelStacks in ... the San Francisco-based band became a major success in 1997 with its self-titled debut album, which sold more than six million copies. The album included such singles ...

Directory Third Eye Blind: Songs, Albums, Pictures, Bios

Since 1997, San Francisco’s Third Eye Blind have recorded three best-selling albums and assembled one career retrospective. 3EB will release ’Ursa Major’, their ... Third Eye Blind: Music

A perfect rock album, from start to finish. I wish every rock album released could be half as good as Third Eye Blind's self-titled first release.

Third Eye Blind (album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Third Eye Blind is the eponymous debut for the American alternative rock band Third Eye Blind, originally released on April 8, 1997. It spawned several singles ...

Third Eye Blind - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Third Eye Blind (sometimes abbreviated as 3eb) is an American alternative rock band formed in the early 1990s in San Francisco. The songwriting duo of Stephan Jenkins ...

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind | Songs, Reviews ...

Third Eye Blind's eponymous debut is catchier than the average post-grunge album, and that fact alone reveals a lot about the band. Instead of relying on standard ...

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