Kai Winding & J.J. Johnson, Blind Melon, Very Good Explicit Lyrics
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Kai Winding & J.J. Johnson, Blind Melon, Very Good Explicit Lyrics

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Kai Winding & J.J. Johnson, Blind Melon, Excellent Explicit Lyrics
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Kai Winding & J.J. Johnson, Blind Melon, Excellent Explicit Lyrics

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change lyrics- blind melon

After a performance in Houston in which Hoon was not proud of, Hoon launched into an all-night drug binge. The next day , on October 21, 1995, Blind Melon was...

Orion's belt

I'm not always inspired to write poetry anymore because the last year of over-writing and under-reading has stolen my words. Here's some moments worth coming back to.

We're sitting on top of a San Francisco hill under Orion's belt grasping for Blind Melon lyrics with Mickey, waiting for a cab that's never going to come. The capo's come off and his amateur fingers search the frets for the right notes that don't seem to come, either. I want to sing, but I don't know the words, because, I tell him, I have a melody brain, not a lyrics brain.

(This is the guy who rounded up 55 bottles of ibuprofena and throat lozenges for me to appease the not-truly-sick in rural Guatemala, back before customs started checking my suitcases and taxing me for useless placebos for the poor. I haven't seen MM in years, but I watched him learn to speak German from afar. He's that cheerful, amazing, genuinely good, uniquely talented handsome guy that every girl I knew had a crush on, but he's so self-assured, so adventure-loving that he was totally oblivious to it. Much to my chagrin, I didn't recognize him at my good friend's wedding. I blamed his beard, but underneath it all I know my brain has changed. Academia is slowly ruining my social memory functions, my facial perception and retrieval, it's slowly ruining me.)

Xing's melody brain tells his tongue to agree. His camera sits on the sidewalk, lens up, trying to capture those three little holes in the sky with a long exposure. He leaves it out too long and everything turns white. I point my futile phone screen, an eighteen-month addiction I'm trying to kick out of my life unsuccessfully, towards the heavens, and Orion's belt hides in the black.

(Xing I met at a 21st birthday party on Green Street. I recognized his face but again, no name. It evaporated where the turbulent waves of my conscious thought meet the air of drowning in too much. Xing agrees with me that life is quite dull, and this is the most random...

Source: Braiding Words

blind melon blind melon no rain ripped away version lyrics blind melon ...

blind melon blind melon no rain ripped away version lyrics blind melon ...
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Blind melon

Blind melon
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