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Insulated inserts can help solve chilly, drafty window problem - Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

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In winter, I’ll bet you’ve noticed a cold draft of air sinking down from one or more of your windows. Besides being chilly, you’re losing money with that lost heat.

Of all the alternatives to keep your window spaces warm, installing WindowDressers insulated window inserts is arguably the most cost-effective. These double-pane interior storm windows will seal up leaky windows and will at least double the insulating value of your windows. They likely will pay for themselves with reduced fuel bills (and greater comfort) before the heating season is over.

Incorporated in Rockland in 2012, WindowDressers is a nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce Maine’s reliance on fuel consumption by the manufacture and distribution of these insulative window inserts .

What are other alternatives to reduce the cold coming from our windows?

Most of us buy window insulation kits from our local hardware store. We get out the double-stick tape, cover the windows with the clear plastic sheet, and then use a hair dryer to make the plastic nice and smooth. We can see out of the windows while feeling a bit warmer inside. The process is bothersome and time-consuming, but it generally works well for winter. Come spring, of course, we have to rip off all that plastic to open the windows again.

Installing honeycomb pull-down blinds or window quilts is effective but expensive, and their drawback is that if you want to see out during daytime, you have to raise...

Source: www.centralmaine.com

How To Measure for Blinds

How To Measure for Blinds
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Measuring, Cleaning & Operating Vertical Blinds

Measuring, Cleaning & Operating Vertical Blinds
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Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds
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