Levolor 2in Blinds 33 7/8in W x 32 1/2in Faux Wood
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Levolor 2in Blinds 33 7/8in W x 32 1/2in Faux Wood

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Levolor 2in Blinds 33 7/8in W x 57 1/2in Faux Wood
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Levolor 2in Blinds 33 7/8in W x 57 1/2in Faux Wood

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How to Shorten Blinds Video - Levolor Wood and Faux Wood Blinds - Blinds.com DIY

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The Master Bedroom

My husband brings home his work laptop and sets it on top of the dresser and uses the wireless keyboard / mouse in the drawer. It works for him! (It’s mostly conference calls and emailing at home.) There are links under the ‘organization’ category at the end of this post that go into more detail about the closet and show images of its contents.

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THIS is the color that I was going for – I ended up a little too blue, which is a hereditary condition (my family loves any color, as long as it’s blue).

In other news, I read the comments under the diy art post. I bought a canvas from goodwill specifically to paint over and then my husband and Facebook told me not to. So now there’s a giant painting that I hate hanging right inside the front door. But everyone comments about how much they love it. I’m hoping it gets “lost” when we move…

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Thank you for opening your home to us. I so appreciate your thought process behind your decorating style. I have picked up many tips for my own place. One is the color of your bedroom walls. I bought a sample from the hardware store and plan to test it on different walls throughout my living/dining room. I get a lot of light throughout the day so I am looking forward to seeing the effect of the gray. Will it turn blueish? Greenish? Or maybe a totally different color :)

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I noticed texture on your ceiling from the before pics – plaster?? Our master bedroom ceiling has the same, and it’s the only ceiling we haven’t skimmed. Did you skim it or drywall over it? I couldn’t tell from the after pic. I’m tempted to demo it out, but it’s not the most budget-friendly way to go. Thanks.

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It’s plaster but the texture wasn’t horribly bumpy (not like those popcorn ceilings you hear about) so we just painted over it. Steve and I both like it, actually. We demo’d the plaster on all the exterior walls to add insulation (and update the electrical)...

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