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"Slow Motion" -- Third Eye Blind

Rate 5 Stars Please!!!!! Comment what you think of the song, or of 3eb!!!! Subscribe and check out my other videos xD More to come. "Slow Motion " is a song b...

"Bad Karma" - Another Word for "Sin"? What is "Karma?"

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Finding Happiness

While visiting a spiritual community in northern California called Ananda (meaning “Joy”) an investigative journalist armed with a fair amount of skepticism and a dash of curiosity discovers that the key to finding happiness comes from within and that when you change, everything changes.

In the Book of Job (in the Old Testament of Jewish and Christian faiths), Satan comes to God and wants to make a bet! (Yes, really!) Satan says, "God, I see your faithful servant Job down there on earth. But I bet you that if you let me take away his wealth, his health, his reputation, and his loved ones, Job will lose faith in You. You wanna bet? Hmm, hmmm, hmmmm?"

So, as you can imagine, God couldn't turn down this one from the old buster, the devil his-self! So He, the Almighty, says, "Satan, you're ON!" So, sure enough, poor old Job, innocent as a lamb, loses his health, his wealth, and his loved ones. Then his so-called friends come to him and say: "Job, old boy, what great sins did YOU commit to deserve this obvious displeasure of Jehovah?"

Poor old Job protests his innocence. Despite all his suffering he holds on to his faith in God's wisdom and goodness. God, in the end, therefore wins the bet with Satan. Whew!

All of Chapter 9 of the gospel of St. John describes a curious incident in which Jesus comes upon a man "blind since birth." Jesus is asked by his usual taunters, "Who sinned, this man, or his parents?" Now, mind you, the poor fellow was blind SINCE BIRTH. So if it was he, he must have sinner in a past life! While Jesus here has a perfect opportunity to endorse reincarnation, Jesus ducks the issue and says, "Neither has sinned!" Jesus explains that this man was born blind for the glory of God! What!!!! You kidding? Lucky guy, eh? Jesus then heals the man of his blindness. The story that... Source: Nayaswami Hriman McGilloway

Third Eye Blind - Slow Motion W / Lyrics.

Third Eye Blind - Slow Motion W / Lyrics.
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Third Eye Blind - Slow Motion

Third Eye Blind - Slow Motion
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  • Third Eye Blind - Slow Motion

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Third Eye Blind Slow Motion

I feel like it

Blue (Third Eye Blind album) - Wikipedia, the free ...

Blue is the second album by Third Eye Blind, written and recorded in 1999 and released on November 23, 1999. It is a moodier, darker album than the band's first ...

Slow Motion Lyrics - Third Eye Blind -

Lyrics to Slow Motion by Third Eye Blind: Miss Jones taught me English / But I think I just shot her son / Cause he owed me money / With

Third Eye Blind - Slow Motion Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Lyrics to 'Slow Motion' by Third Eye Blind. Ms. Jones taught me English / But I think I just shot her son / 'Cause he owed me money / With a bullet in the chest

Third Eye Blind – Slow Motion – Listen and discover ...

Third Eye Blind is a rock band formed in the mid 1990s in San Francisco, ... gravves is listening to Third Eye Blind – Slow Motion – – – – Send Ringtones to ...

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