Causes of Blindness and Low Vision

http://4GuideYou.Com/improve-vision Causes of Blindness & Low Vision Blindness and low vision have a variety of causes that range from communicable diseases ...

Causes and Symptoms of Color Blindness

Causes and Symptoms of Color Blindness
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What Causes Color Blindness?

What Causes Color Blindness?
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  • Ingredient in Viagra can permanently affect sight, doctors warn

    10/01/14 ,via Daily Mail

    Viagra could cause blindness in men with eye problems, and even those with seemingly normal vision, a new study has found. Australian researchers say an ingredient in anti-impotence drugs may permanently affect the vision of men with an inherited eye 

  • 'Major blindness causing conditions are preventable'

    10/08/14 ,via Times of India

    NAGPUR: There are 4.5 million visually impaired people in the world and in 80% cases blindness was caused by a condition that was completely preventable. Around one third of the world's visually impaired population is in India which makes it important

  • Genzyme Collaborates on Gene Therapy for Rare Disease that Causes ...

    SAN and NYSE: SNY), today announced the establishment of a research collaboration with the University of Florida and the University of Pennsylvania to develop a gene therapy for the treatment of a rare genetic disease that causes childhood blindness.

  • Free Usher syndrome conference Saturday, Oct. 25

    10/11/14 ,via Sacramento Bee

    NEW ORLEANS -- A disease that causes deafness and gradual blindness will be the subject of a free four-hour conference at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Usher syndrome is the leading genetic cause of deaf-blindness. The National Institutes of 

  • Nigeria's startling statistics on blindness

    10/09/14 ,via Daily Sun

    Two out of every three blind Nigerians lost their sight to preventable causes such as cataract, which is single commonest cause of blindness. Similarly, the Country Representative of a non-governmental organisation, Sightsavers, Dr. Elizabeth Elhassan

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  • Cataract remains main cause of blindness

    10/11/14 ,via Times of India

    AURANGABAD: The district civil hospital had organized an exhibition to alert society on various factors which cause blindness on International Blindness Control Day on Thursday. The percentage of blindness caused by cataract has declined with increase in ...

  • Viagra 'may cause blindness': Ingredient in the drug can permanently affect sight, doctors warn

    10/01/14 ,via Daily Mail

    Viagra could cause blindness in men with eye problems, and even those with seemingly normal vision, a new study has found. Australian researchers say an ingredient in anti-impotence drugs may permanently affect the vision of men with an inherited eye ...

  • Nigeria’s startling statistics on blindness

    10/09/14 ,via The Sun

    Sadly, most cases of blindness in the country are said to be due to preventable causes. Government should rise to the challenge and map out pragmatic strategies to check this problem. Available statistics from the Federal Ministry of Health show that ...

  • Foundation Fighting Blindness and Harrington Discovery Institute Partner to Accelerate Drug Development for Critical Causes of Blindness

    10/08/14 ,via Market Watch

    COLUMBIA, Md. and CLEVELAND, Oct. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Foundation Fighting Blindness in Columbia, MD, and Harrington Discovery Institute in Cleveland, OH, announce a new nationwide initiative, "The Gund-Harrington National Initiative for Fighting ...

  • What Causes Blindness?

    05/03/10 ,via Everyday Health

    Normal vision depends on a multi-faceted, complex process. Light enters the eye through the cornea and lens, with the iris helping to focus the image. The light is projected onto the back wall of the eye, where it is perceived by millions of tiny nerve ...


  • Caring for a Blind Cat 2008. ISBN: 9780955691317,0955691311. 64 pages.

    The 'Caring for a cat' series is a selection of titles which each focus on a common feline condition. Over 3000 copies sold worldwide. Caring for a blind cat has been written as an ideal information source and support tool for cat owners whose cats are visually impaired or blind. It is also helpful to owners of cats with eye problems that may lead to vision problems blindness and would be perfect for a person thinking of re-homing a blind or disabled cat. The book is also designed to be a...

  • The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook

    Workman Publishing. 2014. ISBN: 0761154124,9780761154129. 496 pages.

    A comprehensive guide to keeping pets happy and healthy covers everything from vaccinations for puppies to the care needed for senior dogs and includes health profiles for 143 of the most popular breeds.

  • Harley's Pediatric Ophthalmology

    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2014. ISBN: 0781750830,9780781750837. 587 pages.

    The premier reference on pediatric ophthalmology is now in its thoroughly updated Fifth Edition. More than 40 eminent authorities cover every aspect of pediatric eye care—from genetics through reading disorders—focusing on clinical diagnosis and management. More than 700 illustrations complement the text. New Fifth Edition chapters cover Neonatal Ophthalmology, Surgical Management of Strabismus, Medicolegal Issues, and Evolution of Strabismus Surgery. All other chapters have been updated to...


Blindness Symptoms, Causes, Treatment - What are the ...

What are the different types of blindness? What causes blindness?

What Causes Blindness? - Vision Center - Everyday Health

Four common eye diseases are the major causes of blindness, and early detection and diagnosis are critical to maintaining your vision.

Leading Causes of Blindness - National Library of Medicine ...

Glaucoma . Glaucoma damages the eye's optic nerve and is a leading cause of blindness. It usually happens when the fluid pressure inside the eyes slowly rises ...

Blindness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Blindness is the condition of poor visual perception. Various scales have been developed to describe the extent of vision loss and define blindness. Total ...

How Blindness is Caused - MCWDN

What Are The Causes Of Blindness? There are many causes of blindness. Sometimes blindness can be cured or vision improved with medicines, surgery, and special ...

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