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Festival No. 6 Portmeirion Review

The Weird, The Talented and the Sublime

Having never been to a festival before, I had no idea what to expect. I had heard people talk about the muddy fields and stinky portaloo’s of Glastonbury, something that never really tickled my fancy to be honest. I’d heard about the hippy stylings of the Leeds festival and the V festival, but in all honesty I had never heard much about Festival No. 6.

Let’s get this in perspective, I am a festival virgin, and at 41 years old that’s a slight embarrassment. You mustn’t forget that I grew up in the 1980’s and by the time I was of festival age, I was dancing in rave clubs, making the most of my skills of being able to make fish and box shapes with my hands! This hippy malarkey was far from my mind at that time, who wants to chill out when you can dance away to Black Box or The Prodigy ?

Enough about my virginity now and on to the festival itself. What did I expect? Let’s start there, I was imagining big beer tents with a sign over them saying ‘STELLA’ and as you got closer to the main stage, perhaps flowery stalls selling receptacles for smoking something that shouldn’t be smoked due to its legality here in the UK. I didn’t see either, in fact Festival No. 6 blew every image I had of festival’s away.

Being taken from the well organised park and ride in nearby Porthmadog we approached Portmeirion, one of the most picturesque villages in the world, a little bit of Italy, right in the heart of the Welsh hills (if you haven’t visited before, you seriously must). There were numerous campsites on the way up to the village, where overnighters had been staying, they didn’t seem cramped or too busy, there was a mix of the standard tents to the ‘glamping’ style that has become so popular in recent times (quite honestly, if it hasn’t got a raised bed, an on-suite bathroom, a TV and a 5-lever mortice deadlock on the door, I am not interested). We got dropped off right...

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Build a Better Duck Blind

Build a Better Duck Blind
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PDF How To Build A Duck Blind Out Of Wood How to Building Plans Wooden ...

PDF How To Build A Duck Blind Out Of Wood How to Building Plans Wooden ...
Image by

PDF How To Build A Duck Blind Out Of Wood How to wooden model plans ...

PDF How To Build A Duck Blind Out Of Wood How to wooden model plans ...
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