How to install window blinds

Getting the correct size blind, installing support brackets, putting up the blinds.

Vancouver woman declares war on dog walkers who leave mess in yard - KATU

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Marie Parks is tired of dogs pooping in her yard.

"The man who cuts my grass doesn't like cleaning it up, she said. "I don't like stepping in it, I don't like my grandkids getting into it."

So when she spotted a dog walker letting her dog do it's thing on her lawn, she grabbed a camera and snapped a photo, then caught up with the woman and confronted her. The woman eventually came back and cleaned up the mess.

But as a warning to other dog walkers, Parks put the woman's picture on a sign in her front yard.

It's been up for weeks and seems to be working - she hasn't seen that dog walker since.

"I'm sure she comes by when I'm not at home," Parks said. "But there's not as much mess in the yard either, at least not near the sign."

Parks isn't discriminating when it comes to making her point.

"I'll do it to anybody I catch doing it," she said. "If my yard has to be plastered with pictures, I'll do it if that's what it takes for them to clean up after their dogs."

Another dog-walker, Mark Olesen, passed by the sign on Monday.

"It got my attention," he said. "If my dog needs to go , I'm ready with a bag. People need to have more respect for other people's property. It's just common courtesy."

Parks said she isn't worried about any backlash.

"The people leaving the mess know they're breaking the law," she said. "And if I'm breaking the law putting their picture on my front yard - oh well. I have a very good lawyer."

It's about time someone takes photos of these ignorant people not cleaning up after their pets and judging by all the negative comments here I'll bet most of these are the ones who let their pets poop where they want and don't clean up after them, we get our photos taken when we run a red light there's nothing wrong with taking photos of these retards letting their dogs mess someones lawn, a fence would stop this but all of us just...


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