Third Eye Blind Jumper / Graduate REMIX LIMITED 45 rpm 7 INCH Vinyl USA
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Third Eye Blind Jumper / Graduate REMIX LIMITED 45 rpm 7 INCH Vinyl USA

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Limited Edition Third Eye Blind CD Single Jumper & Jumper video
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Limited Edition Third Eye Blind CD Single Jumper & Jumper video

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Third Eye Blind 7" 45 HEAR Jumper 1998 ELEKTRA #64058 Graduate JUKEBOX
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Third Eye Blind 7" 45 HEAR Jumper 1998 ELEKTRA #64058 Graduate JUKEBOX

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Jumper-Third Eye Blind Lyrics Friends drum cover *****READ***** Either post a comment or send me a mesage of songs you want me to put lyrics up ...

Shooting the Breeze

The West Weekend Magazine

Published: Saturday August 30, 2014

Byline: Ros Thomas

I was curious. I’d run past them before, always on a Monday morning. As I hugged the perimeter of my local playing fields, I caught sight of their frolicsome little group at the bottom of the hill. It was barely 7.30am. A dozen middle-aged men and women were silhouetted against a weak-willed sun, lugging strange equipment across the damp grass.

Lolloping past them on my first revolution of the park, I saw that they’d settled into a row of director’s chairs and were strapping their wrists and fitting fingerless gloves. Surely archery’s a summer sport, I thought, but they seemed oblivious to the chill wind.

When I panted by on my second revolution (there’s rarely a third), I saw they’d marked out the range with red flags and were sighting their bows against the targets.

I braked to a walk and sidled over to a big man propped in his chair, a whistle resting on his tummy. “You must be freezing!” I said, hoping my opening gambit didn’t sound lame.

“Not as cold as Robin Hood here!” replied the man, elbowing his much smaller neighbour, resplendent in Lincoln green. Robin Hood tipped his bucket hat at me. He’d flipped up the back brim, giving his hat the jaunty air of a trilby. A cluster of moth holes ventilated his thin jumper.

I motioned to his armguard and fingertabs. “I didn’t know archers needed so much protection. What’s this for?” and I pointed to the hammock of black netting rigged under his armpit and across one manly bosom.

“Oh, that’s his man bra!” said a rangy fellow with a Scottish brogue, standing to my left.”

The Scotsman’s bow was a fearsome contraption with a network of wheels, strings and cables. “This bow has a draw weight of 52 pounds,” he said. “When you let go, you don’t want the bowstring skinning your arm.

“That sounds painful.”

“Jim’s a Scot!” piped up Robin...

Source: Ros Thomas

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Jumper-Third Eye Blind Lyrics Friends drum cover *****READ***** Either post a comment or send me a mesage of songs you want me to put lyrics up ...

Jumper (song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Jumper" is a song by the American rock band Third Eye Blind. It was released in November 1998 as the fifth and final single from their self titled album, and written ...

Third Eye Blind - Jumper (Complete Official Music Video)

YouTube home · chanaknamaydimples

Jumper Lyrics - Third Eye Blind -

Lyrics to Jumper by Third Eye Blind: I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend, / You could cut ties with all the lies, that

Third Eye Blind – Jumper – Listen and discover music ...

Watch the video or listen to Third Eye Blind – Jumper for free. Jumper appears on the album 2009-10-24: DJ Spinbad Live in Japan: Club Asia, Tokyo, Japan. Lead ...

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