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Conservatory Blinds for Less Buying Conservatory blinds for less money is actually something that is easily achievable, some conservatory blind companies use...

The Apple Watch will help you unlock hotel rooms without a key. But is that a ... - Washington Post (blog)

At least one app for the Apple Watch will allow the wearer to unlock a hotel room with the wave of a wrist. But using mobile devices to provide keyless entry to hotel rooms isn't a novel concept -- and could come with added security risks.

Hotels have been experimenting with mobile apps to unlock hotel rooms for some time. The Starwood Hotel group, which is reportedly working on an Apple Watch app, had been testing a similar feature for smartphone users at least since earlier this year. And in July, Hilton Hotels announced guests would be able to use digital check-in and room selection at more than 4,000 properties around the world by the end of this year.

It's easy to see the attraction of mobile devices as hotel keys: It's one less thing guests need to carry around with them on their travels, and magnetic stripe cards are notoriously fickle when placed next to credit cards or mobile phones. But as more automation enters the hotel ecosystem, more security challenges seem to follow.

At Black Hat USA in August, security researcher Jesus Molina detailed how he was able to take over nearly every bit of technology from the thermostat to window blinds in his room at a luxury hotel in China -- and the other 250-plus guest rooms -- all from an iPad.

However, Molina's digital power didn't extend to the room locks, which were operated by a separate system. Hotel locks, he told me when Hilton announced their intent to use smartphones to unlock rooms, have traditionally relied on cloaked security. "You don't know what's in things like keycards or RFIDs," he explained. The moving parts are shrouded, in theory making them harder to crack, a sort of security through obscurity that can hide flaws both from bad guys and researchers wanting to test the efficacy of systems.

But moving systems to a smartphone or other mobile device that has built-in computing power that could be used to run algorithms to break that security could "open up...


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