Mellody Hobson: Color blind or color brave?

The subject of race can be very touchy. As finance executive Mellody Hobson says, it's a "conversational third rail." But, she says, that's exactly why we ne...

Eyes and Vision Disorders question: Can women be color blind ? http ...

Eyes and Vision Disorders question: Can women be color blind ? http ...
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Fashion And Colorblind People

Fashion And Colorblind People
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Can Women Be Color Blind?

Can Women Be Color Blind?
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  • The Karate Kid of Thom McAn

    11/01/14 ,via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    It's like color-blindness. A man can't see it, but women perceive vast differences between two almost identical shoes. One pair is going to make for the perfect evening, while the other pair will ruin everything. Who was I, a dumb high school kid, to

  • The Problem With That Catcalling Video: They Edited Out the White Guys

    10/31/14 ,via Slate Magazine (blog)

    On Tuesday, Slate and everyone else posted a video of a woman who is harassed more than 100 times by men as she walks around New York City for 10 hours. More specifically, it's a video of a young white woman who is harassed by mostly black and 

  • What do women want?

    10/29/14 ,via CNN

    But will the winner be able to help those women back home beset by poverty, drugs, teen pregnancies and low pay? I don't care what language you talk, what music you like or what color you are. You have to .. "He was my first and only blind date

  • Why, Eight Years After It Ended, The Wire Remains America's Best Example of ...

    10/31/14 ,via Huffington Post

    Most refreshingly, the series does not pretend to exist in a colorblind world. Baltimore is majority . The love of "back in the day," is the American dream that was never realized for many minorities and women although the ideology lives on in small

  • Watch 'The Abandon' (5 Black Men Learn They May Be the Last Humans On ...

    11/01/14 ,via Indie Wire (blog)

    And no, side-kicks and color-blind casting are not sufficient representation. I love sci-fi. I particularly like sci-fi that explores alien invasions. Ridley Scott's "Alien" is one of my favorite films and I can watch it every day and never get bored

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  • Tetrachromat Artist Can See 100 Times More Colors Than an Average Human

    10/27/14 ,via Oddity Central

    “My world speaks to me very strongly and then I can’t wait to paint it,” said Concetta ... The same mutations make men more likely to be color blind, while women are more likely to be tetrachromats. Concetta has been able to see extra colors since ...

  • Women in Data Science Are Invisible. We Can Change That

    10/20/14 ,via Wired News

    It became clear that the decision to select me was in no small part driven by my being a woman. On the one hand, I was pleased that meant that some men take the matter of gender equality seriously, but on the other, I felt cheated because I can never be ...

  • Do You See or Taste Music?

    10/21/14 ,via The Huffington Post

    While women are also synesthetes ... as having another sense in anticipating natural phenomena such as tsunamis and earthquakes. But can a color blind dog be a synesthete or associate colors with the alphabet - well....? Maureen cites evidence that ...

  • "Douchebag": The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For

    10/19/14 ,via Gawker

    Even so, most of these kids are not new to conversations about race; the majority of them are students of color ... that identifies women's bodies as the object of contempt. But even as such, it's an accidental monument to male blindness.

  • Tell Mel: After scamming blind woman, unlicensed contractor calls her a fake

    10/28/14 ,via The News-Press

    Just when I thought Eduardo Rodriguez could sink no lower, he accuses a blind woman of faking ... picked out the color of the tile. She is not a blind person." I realize many people consider a person to be blind only if he or she can't see anything.


  • Encyclopedia of Family Health

    Marshall Cavendish. 2014. ISBN: 0761474862,9780761474869. 18 pages.

    Alphabetically arranged entries offer illustrated articles on anatomy, health care, diseases, conditions, and physiology.

  • The Mismeasure of Desire

    Oxford University Press. 2001. ISBN: 9780195142440,0195142446. 400 pages.

    In recent years scientific research and popular opinion have favored the idea that sexual orientations are determined at birth. In this book, Edward Stein, a philosopher and legal theorist, investigates scientific research on sexual orientation and shows that it is deeply flawed. He argues that this research assumes a picture of sexual desire that reflects unquestioned cultural stereotypes rather than cross-cultural scientific facts, and that it suffers from serious methodological problems....

  • The Fascinating Body

    R&L Education. 2014. ISBN: 1578860768,9781578860760. 412 pages.

    Uses everyday observations and a question-and-answer format to provide an understanding of human biology.


Can women be color blind -

More men are color blind than women because the recessive gene for color blindness is carried by women on one of their X chromosomes. And since they have two X ...

Color blindness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Color blindness can also be produced by physical or chemical ... as many as 8 percent of men and 0.5 percent of women experience the common form of red-green color ...

Color blindness - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

... people affected by this type of color blindness can usually tell ... men are more often affected by color blindness than women. The "color blind" gene allows non ...

Can women be color blind?

Woman can indeed be color blind. Men have a much higher chance of having color blindness than women. Also, there are more forms of color blindness that are ...

Color Blindness Facts & Statistics: Prevalence | Color ...

Color blindness facts on the prevalence of color blindess in men, women, ... infrequently a change in the chromosome during early development can cause color blindness.

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