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Ground Blind Set-Ups for Deer and Turkey

Logan describes the differences of setting up a blind for turkey vs deer hunting, and gives some tips to help make you successful in both seasons.

Suicide from another side - University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily

I was having dinner with my friend the other night when she casually mentioned a childhood friend of hers had recently committed suicide. Knowing from experience that showering a traumatized friend with sympathy is not necessarily helpful, I asked her to tell me more about the situation.

"I just talked to her two weeks ago," my friend said. "And she seemed so happy that I never would have suspected anything to be wrong. Plus it was all the more confusing because it happened in the middle of Suicide Prevention Week."

Granted, there is no typical case of suicide — some could be provoked by excessive bullying; others could result from years-long battles with mental illness and still others may seem unexpected. But one thing most suicides have in common is the subsequent guilt felt by those in the victims’ surrounding circles — those who failed to prevent it.

No matter how tightly time attempts to wrap the bandages, there will never be a day in these people's lives during which they aren't plagued with thoughts of what they should have said, could have done or have known before it was too late.

My friend and I discussed how the problem with emphasizing suicide prevention is how it plants the seed of blame into people's minds which, in the aftermath of a loved one's passing, sprout into inescapable guilt. My friend is one of the lucky ones who was able to openly discuss this fallacy, but I don't doubt that others who are trying to make sense of their losses are far more reluctant to accept it.

Suicide itself is not a cause of death. It is only a means of dying. The factors which contribute to suicide — in particular, mental health issues — are not just overwhelming circumstances, but often diagnosable diseases.

Some mental health conditions can be cured with adequate treatment and routine checkups, whereas others are silent killers, which sneak up from behind before anyone can even process what's going on.

But, no...


The VS360 6 1/2x6 1/2 foot 5-hub Ground Blind

The VS360 6 1/2x6 1/2 foot 5-hub Ground Blind
Image by

Ground Blind Accessories Photo 3

Ground Blind Accessories Photo 3
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GhostBlind Runner 6-Panel Mirror Ground Blind

GhostBlind Runner 6-Panel Mirror Ground Blind
Image by

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  • DNR: Turkey, ruffed grouse and woodcock seasons to open

    09/05/14 ,via Appleton Post Crescent

    Turkey hunters are reminded that they are subject to the blaze orange requirement for ground blinds erected on DNR lands during any gun deer season. Ground blinds on DNR lands left unattended during legal hunting hours must also display the owner's 

  • Carlson column: It only takes 1 flock for success

    09/13/14 ,via St. Cloud Times

    Geese like to land on high ground, which gives them better visibility of the scene around them. By sitting up high, they The first order of business was to set the blinds with the wind at our backs and then build the spread from there. After

  • Oh deer! New hair style blinds young stag during mating ritual

    09/15/14 ,via

    In an attempt to control their frustrations, stags will drag their antlers in the foliage on the ground. This can leave the proud animals with hysterical crowns of leaves, twigs, and bracken – modelled by the young stag snapped by Luke Millward in this

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  • Ameristep Brickhouse Ground Blind

    09/28/13 ,via Bowhunting

    Chasing and eventually arrowing whitetails is my passion. Over the years I have typically pursued this passion from high above Terra Firma. However, every now and then I have actually chased Odocoileus Virginianus (whitetail deer) and turkeys with my boots ...

  • New Ground Blinds for Deer and Turkey Hunting

    03/26/12 ,via Outdoor News

    The popularity of ground blinds has been on the rise for several years, and for good reason. Getting eye-to-eye with a mature buck or a wise old gobbler can really get the heart pumping. Plus, they’re simply great tools to use when no viable tree worthy ...

  • South MS woman takes the hunting trip of a lifetime

    09/07/14 ,via WLOX 13

    Equipped with a .308 rifle, Pratt and her guide anxiously waited in a ground blind near a small body of water when a herd of impala made an appearance. "We sat in a ground blind built with downed tree branches and brush overlooking a pond," Pratt said.

  • Hunting With Ground Blinds

    08/17/11 ,via Times Union

    Utilizing a ground blind has made many hunters successful for deer, turkey and a host of other game but the key to that success is to know some of the habits and ability of the game you are hunting. For example, deer seeing in black and white usually ...

  • Deer hunting ground blinds OK on public land

    09/23/13 ,via ABC 10 UP

    The Department of Natural Resources says that ground blinds for deer hunting purposes now may be placed on public land. Previously, deer hunters were not allowed to place ground blinds on public land before November 5. This change makes placement dates and ...


  • Elk Hunting

    Creative Publishing Int'l. 2000. ISBN: 1610603109,9781610603102. 128 pages.

    Elk Hunting provides all the basics a hunter needs to know about planning a trip, selecting equipment, understanding elk behavior and mastering hunting techniques. An elk hunt is not an inexpensive venture. In this book, Zumbo tells how to select an outfitter or plan a do-it-yourself hunt. Moving long distances is not a problem for elk, and finding prime locations is a key to hunting success. With Elk Hunting you'll learn how to scout and recognize the places most likely to hold elk. Details...

  • Bowhunter's Encyclopedia

    Stackpole Books. 1992. ISBN: 0811724123,9780811724128. 574 pages.

    Includes shooting techniques and hunting methods. Arranged in clear alphabetical order with a comprehensive index for cross-references.

  • Trophy Whitetails with Pat and Nicole Reeve

    Krause Publications. 2014. ISBN: 9781440236143,1440236143. 224 pages.

    Follow along with Pat and Nicole Reeve on their incredible hunting adventures as one of the top teams in the hunting entertainment world. Find out how two deer-crazy kids from the Midwest got together and turned their passion for whitetails into a successful career--and a truly action-packed lifestyle. Learn from the knowledge that Pat and Nicole have gained from years of hunting and filming trophy deer throughout North America. Their experience offers unprecedented insights into the tactics...


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