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Living the high life in Paradise - Gold Coast Bulletin

Enabling Cookies in Internet Explorer 7, 8 & 9 Open the Internet Browser Click Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced Check Override automatic cookie handling For First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies click Accept Click OK and OK... Select 'accept cookies' from the safari menu. Select 'from visited' from the accept cookies menu. Press the home button to return the the iPhone home screen. Select the Safari icon to return to Safari. Before the cookie settings change will take effect, Safari must restart. To restart Safari press and hold the Home button (for around five seconds) until the iPhone/iPad display goes blank and the home screen appears. Select the Safari icon to return to Safari. Source: www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au

Bay Area residents wary of new housing development - San Jose Mercury News

Bay Area residents are all for more homes and plenty of them to help solve the region's housing affordability and traffic woes -- just not in their backyards. Amid record-high housing prices, a sturdy economy and brisk hiring, a new poll released Thursday shows that by a strong majority -- 60 percent -- residents prefer that housing be built not in the crowded nine-county region but outside the Bay Area... "NIMBY is alive and well, and maybe stronger than ever," said Russell Hancock, president of San Jose-based Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network, which tracks the regional economy and often advocates creation of affordable housing. "Many people say they are here in the Bay Area, and they don't want anybody else to get in. ". An estimated 85 percent of residents polled by the Bay Area Council say they support developing mass transit networks to serve the Bay Area's principal... "There's now an entrenched misperception that our region doesn't have the capacity to add the housing we need," said Jim Wunderman, president of the Bay Area Council, which polled 1,000 Bay Area residents. Over the 12 months that ended in March, the Bay Area added nearly 121,000 jobs. The need for housing to serve new workers is even acute in some of the Bay Area's individual major urban centers, based on their job growth. Over the same one-year period, Santa Clara County added 36,000 jobs, a 3. 3 percent increase in total payroll jobs. The San Francisco-San Mateo region added about 43,000 jobs, a 4. 2 percent annual gain, and approximately the population of Newark. "The lack of housing threatens the economic competitiveness of the Bay Area," said Stephen Levy, director of the Palo Alto-based Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy. The poll also found that more than one-fourth of all Bay Area residents are spending at least 45 percent of their household income on housing -- well above the recommended range of 30 percent to 35 percent. For people making less than $50,000 a year in household income, according to the poll, more than two fifths are spending at least 45 percent of their household income on housing. One-third of the people who generate household income ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 a year spend at least 45 percent of their income on. Source: www.mercurynews.com

Blaser Achieves Air Supremacy With The New F16 Sporter And Game Shotguns - Daily Caller

Whereas a 12-gauge F3 starts at about $7,900, the F16 Game shotgun lists for $3,795 and the Sporting MSRP is $4,195. Blaser’s F16 ships in 12 gauge only with minimal upgrades such as higher grade walnut, left-handed stocks and weight balancing... And at the F16 U. S. introduction at Joshua Creek Ranch, Blaser distributed t-shirts with a winged F16 logo and ball caps embroidered with “Air Supremacy. ” Although shooting the F16 will certainly conjure the jet’s potency and maneuverability, Blaser’s F16 designation is more mundane: the year of introduction. With its smooth and taut slate-gray receiver that meets the stock at a forward rake, the Blaser F16 appears all-business, as though inspired by the Brioni suit of today’s James Bond. Blaser’s F16 shares the purpose-built disposition of other accomplished over/unders including the F3, Perazzi’s High-Tech and Beretta’s 692 and DT11. If you’re a fan of aristocratic pretension rendered by overwrought ostentatious engraving... In fact, Blaser CEO Bernard Knöbel was abundantly clear that the quest to design a $4,000 over/under must adhere to the F3 attributes of “pointability, balance, neutral handling and outstanding trigger. The sensuality aspect is naturally personal, but Mr. Knöbel’s design objectives would likely prove indisputable in practice, as we discovered shooting the Blaser F16 Sporting and Game models on a mixed bag of game birds and sporting clays at... The Blaser F16 “monocoque chassis” marries light weight with durability. Blaser’s fresh start on the drawing board for the F16 yielded a “monocoque chassis,” as Mr. Knöbel called it, similar to the one on the F3. Think of an airplane frame where the aluminum skin provides virtually no structural support in a... Whereas the F3 employs a locking underlug, the F16 has turned to a “bifurcated underlug,” according to Mr. Knöbel, that hooks the monobloc on both ends, supplemented by lumps on the receiver’s interior walls. In turn, the F16 receiver measures 60mm tall, a hair lower than the 61mm of the F3. For handling, the F16 has rounded bottom edges (a semi-round body) that stretch 42mm across, up 2mm from the F3. In effect, the low center of gravity and wide beam... Source: dailycaller.com

Latest News

  • How to Select the Greatest Samsung LCD Television

    06/18/16 ,via TheSequitur.com

    If you have a greater space, and you will be watching tv 10 – 14 feet away, a bigger LCD Television with display dimension of 42 – 46 inches is highly recommended. If you are sixteen feet or Personally I appreciate acquiring my blinds drawn and

  • Columbus Provides Update and Summary of Work to Date on Eastside Gold Project, Nevada

    06/13/16 ,via EIN News (press release)

    ES-46 59.4m of 0.58 g/t gold, including 16.8m of 1.03 g/t gold. ES-53 30.5m of 0.43 g/t gold, including 3m of 1.87 . These flow dome complexes are confined to an outcrop belt about 3.2 km (2 miles) wide and 11.2 km (7 miles) long which is completely

  • Living the high life in Paradise

    06/10/16 ,via Gold Coast Bulletin

    The apartment, on levels 45 and 46, has a private foyer accessible via a lift. Once inside A wide staircase leads up to the second level where a living area and four bedrooms await. Other features include electric blinds, five-car lockup garage

  • FlipFlic wants to make all blinds smart

    05/05/16 ,via The Verge

    The battery produced enough torque to fully open and close the blinds though I do wonder how well it'll work on larger blinds. Vinogradova says it'll work with blinds measuring up to 60-inches / 152-cm wide — the blinds I tested with were considerably 

  • Mini-Marathon that celebrated miracle of my dad

    05/05/16 ,via Indianapolis Star

    Progress was markedly swift. Within days, he started blinking his eyes when asked if he knew us. He started telling my mom and me that we needed to open the hospital windows to let in fresh air. The blinds were on the outside and the windows unmovable.


  • Dodge Remodeling & Retrofit Cost Data

  • Spon's Architects' and Builders' Price

    CRC Press. 2009. ISBN: 9780415552561,0415552567. 972 pages.

    In today’s economic turmoil most materials costs are still rising but tender prices are falling sharply. So looking at price lists is not enough – you need Spon’s Architects’ and Builders’ Price Book 2010 to find out what contractors are actually charging and to get for real price data. Compiled by Davis Langdon, Spon’s Architects’ and Builders’ Price Book provides the most accurate, detailed and professionally relevant construction price information currently available for the UK. Its unique Tender Index, updated through the year, provides an ongoing reality check and adjustment for changing market conditions. This is the only price book which sets out a detailed cost base for Major Works contracts exceeding £3,500,000 in value. Major changes have been made to this 135th edition: Overheads and profits have been revised sharply downwards to 2.5% in line with actual levels. Preliminaries have also been dropped to 13%, on a lower cost base. And labour rates have been adjusted to reflect today’s economic conditions. As well as updating all prices, Spon’s Architects’ and Builders’ Price Book 2010 includes about 150 new Measured Works items, including: Additional ACO drainage systems such as Qmax – a large capacity drainage channel and Kerbdrain made from recycled and recyclable material An overhauled Kalzip roofing section Plus, over 900 key Approximate Estimate items with high & low rate ranges And 13 elemental building cost models Buyers of this 2010 edition can make a free internet download of Spon’s Architects’ and Builders’ price data, which will run to the end of 2010 and: – Access Spon’s new Approximate Estimates rate data, as well as the Measured Works data – Produce estimate and tender documents – Generate priced or unpriced schedules – Adjust rates and data and enter rogue items – Export schedules into Excel – Carry out an index search This year, for the first time, the download includes a versatile and powerful ebook. ...plus all the standard features you have come to expect from Spon’s Architects’ and Builders’ Price Book: – 20,000 prices for the most frequently specified items, the majority with labour constants and detailed build-ups – 600 pages of Major and Minor Works items – Hundreds of alternative materials prices, easily substituted into the build-up calculations, for the more unusual items – Detailed guidance on wage rates, daywork, cost limits and allowances, property insurance and professional fees, plus useful formulae, design criteria and trade association addresses – Updated, free of charge, every four months – see insider for registration details. Updates are available online at www.pricebooks.co.uk

  • Sears Catalog



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