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It took just seven days to sell Abbotsford property - The Sydney Morning Herald

A trophy office building has sold for $8 million to a local investor. The fully leased four-level building at 693 Burke Road attracted more than 50 inquiries from local and offshore interests, Fitzroys' Peter Weatherby , Chris James and Martin Huang said. The building had a four-year WALE returning $467,000 per annum net. The strong sale price reflects a 5. 8 per cent yield. Mr Huang said the long-term lease commitments and shortage of metropolitan offices contributed to a very strong result. A prime development site that was originally a jeans factory in the 1980s at 7-9 Brunswick Road has sold for $2. 85 million to a developer. The 717 sq m site was leased with short-term income of $72,000 per annum. It sold at a land rate of $3975 per sq m, Butera & Company's Robert Butera said. Hume Doors & Timber has celebrated 60 years of trade by purchasing a large 5225 sq m building for $5. 6 million at 2-10 Gaine Road. The corporate office warehouse on 11,430 sq m of land came fully equipped with 500 sq m of office, generous internal clearance and truck access, said Crabtrees Real Estate's Chris McKenzie and Andrew Loudon who sold the site in conjunction with... Uniflex Group is flexing its property muscles, purchasing a neighbouring 1472 sq m yard for its timber retailing business. Uniflex purchased the property at 58 Elliot Road from a private vendor for $890,000. The deal was negotiated by JLL's Vince Curcio. Gold Coast-based stone masons GMG Stones has made its first foray into Victoria, buying a new facility for $2. 5 million. The 2790 sq m warehouse at 19-23 Industrial Drive was originally purpose built for vendor Westlink Engineering and features a five-tonne gantry crane, modern offices over two levels, staff amenities, secure rear yard and multiple container-height... Two bulky goods showrooms at 102 & 102A Gaffney Street were snapped up by an investor for more than $1. 4 million. Both showrooms were leased, one to Koko Black at $77,000 per annum, the other,102A, to Raw People for $26,000 per annum. An owner-occupier in the automotive industry has purchased a Bayswater industrial facility for $710,000 as record low interest rates drive new investment from tenants. Savills Australia's Daniel Kelly said the new owner was leasing another premises but wanted to buy the speculatively built 1/6 Sydney Road property instead. Source: www.smh.com.au

FlipFlic wants to make all blinds smart - The Verge

The solar-powered controller that transforms regular blinds into smart blinds is one of those campaigns that sounds brilliant, but also might be too good to be true. According to the inventor, it’s easy to install on most horizontal or vertical blinds, and then adjusts the angle automatically based on the amount of light, the time of day, or temperature. I’ve always thought so which is why I’ve had an early prototype in my house for the last few weeks. Ksenia Vinogradova, co-founder and CEO of FlipFlic, sent me a third-generation prototype to test. Unfortunately, the only blinds in my house use pull strings, not a wand or chain control required by FlipFlic (a future campaign is planned for my type of blinds). As such, she also shipped me a set of blinds to test, along with a quick start guide with links to operational videos. I removed the wand and installed the FlipFlic in seconds and without any tools. I only had to find the right adapter to slip over the nub that was attached to the wand which then slotted into the FlipFlic. The magnet on the back attached itself snuggly to the thin metal frame of the blinds. (Double-sided tape can be used for blinds with a plastic frame. ) The FlipFlic app paired quickly with the blind controller over Bluetooth by taking an in-app photo of the QR code located on the box or on the back of the controller. I was able to adjust the angle of the blinds easily enough from the app. The battery produced enough torque to fully open and close the blinds though I do wonder how well it’ll work on larger blinds. Vinogradova says it’ll work with blinds measuring up to 60-inches / 152-cm wide — the blinds I tested with were considerably smaller than that. Fortunately, the included solar charger should keep the FlipFlic operating at max power output. The app itself is confusing and definitely needs some polish, which Vinogradova says is "on the roadmap. For horizontal blinds, closed could mean that the slats are angled either all the way down or all the way up. And does open mean that the slats are parallel with the horizon or angled to let maximum sunlight in. This ambiguity created confusion... Out the box FlipFlic should have some type of calibration routine which isn’t currently offered. Another complaint is that I could only schedule the blinds to operate at the top of the hour. Source: www.theverge.com

New Cree LED light fixtures are PoE, or Powered over the Ethernet - Treehugger

This isn’t the kind of office interior we usually show on TreeHugger, It’s kind of ordinary looking. the light fixtures in this data center are Cree SmartCast LED luminaires and they are not connected to the usual 120 volt wiring. In fact, they are plugged into the bog standard CAT 5 ethernet cable that you plug into your computer, which is connected to a CISCO Power over Ethernet or PoE network. These are all connected to Smartcast manager tools that can set them up in seconds. And this changes everything when it comes to office and probably in the not too distant future, home wiring and design. In a traditional office there are layers and layers of different wiring hierarchies. you will have your power wiring, in either 120 or 227 or even 600 volts. Then there might be HVAC control wiring to valves and control boxes and thermostats. In the control room the lighting controls will be separate from the HVAC and the power will be in another electrical closet altogether. Fancy systems might have one or two occupancy detectors in the room. Everything, from the light fixtures to the HVAC to the window blinds are connected via CAT5. Every single light fixture becomes part of the Internet of Things. Cree writes that “A common misconception is that the IoT enables smart lighting, but, unlike many other ‘things’ of the IoT, it’s the converse - LED lighting enables the IoT. The SmartCast luminaires and can be adjusted for color temperature and light levels and can run under PoE limits. Each fixture has an occupancy sensor right on it and can talk to every other internet connected device, which lets it do some very smart things. In an interview, Gary Trott, Vice President, Marketing, Intelligent Lighting, gave an example. The occupancy detector can turn on the lights and adjust them to the desired level (taking into account how much daylight is coming through the windows) but it can get warm in a crowded room quickly. Usually it would take time for a CO2 detector or a thermostat to notice, but the lights can now tell the mechanical system to crank up the AC in anticipation. SmartCast Manager extends Cree’s SmartCast PoE into IoT applications by harvesting data that helps building owner operators manage energy usage as well as the safety and vitality of building occupants. The data harvested from the lighting system can be used to track crowd locations within a building in case of emergency, manage the usage of the HVAC system based on building capacity or offer. Source: www.treehugger.com

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  • It took just seven days to sell Abbotsford property

    DEALS Sydney, part of the fast-growing Aussie Commerce Group, will open its new Victorian premises in level 1, at 48-58 York Street, in a deal negotiated by Colliers International's Matt Cosgrave, with the landlord represented by Dixon Kestles. In

  • FlipFlic wants to make all blinds smart

    05/05/16 ,via The Verge

    The battery produced enough torque to fully open and close the blinds though I do wonder how well it'll work on larger blinds. Vinogradova says it'll work with blinds measuring up to 60-inches / 152-cm wide — the blinds I tested with were considerably 

  • Lockdown lifted at six South Salem schools

    05/17/16 ,via Statesman Journal

    Auto-calls to parents said the situation was a "Condition One lockdown." School officials are advised to lock all exterior doors, close classroom blinds and keep students in classroom and works areas, according to the Salem-Keizer School District handbook.

  • Iowa bride with MS vows: 'I am walking down that aisle'

    04/28/16 ,via DesMoinesRegister.com

    Meggie, 35, lives with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, a disease that — at its worst — numbs her body, makes her hands shake, blinds her, blunts her thinking and silences her voice. She worked 60-hour weeks and had eyes on executive jobs.

  • Tell Mel: Decorated Naples designer doesn't deliver

    04/01/16 ,via The News-Press

    How many times has law enforcement told people who have been ripped off by contractors in Southwest Florida that it's a civil matter? Sure, sometimes the amounts may not seem worth the time of law enforcement or prosecutors. But I think it gives


  • Manual J - Residential Load Calculation

    ACCA. 2011. ISBN: 9781892765352,1892765357. 561 pages.

    Manual J 8th Edition is the national ANSI-recognized standard for producing HVAC equipment sizing loads for single-family detached homes, small multi-unit structures, condominiums, town houses, and manufactured homes. This new version incorporates the complete Abridged Edition of Manual J. The manual provides quick supplemental details as well as supporting reference tables and appendices. A proper load calculation, performed in accordance with the Manual J 8th Edition procedure, is required by national building codes and most state and local jurisdictions.

  • Sessional Papers


    "Report of the Dominion fishery commission on the fisheries of the province of Ontario, 1893", issued as vol. 26, no. 7, supplement.

  • The Gospel of Mark

    Author House. 2005. ISBN: 9781467034289,1467034282. 120 pages.

    Mr. Jungers, the author of twenty-three books on Christianity, chose to write this little book on the Gospel of Mark because Mark was the first gospel to have been written. Matthew and Luke copied from it. John was written from a separate tradition much later. Whoever was the author of Mark's Gospel (scholars say we do not know) did so from some written "sayings" that were in existence, and from memories from a verbal tradition. The best guess is it was written shortly before or shortly after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD. That would date the document to about 40 years after the actual Christ event. The place of authorship was somewhere in the Roman Empire; Rome has been suggested but not proven. Why the gospel was written is more clear: it was written by a believer in Jesus Christ in order to bolster belief in other believers. Mark was the first author to present the story of Christ in chronological sequence. He had inherited bits and pieces of the story, but he then put them together to present a beginning, a middle and an end of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The work ends with Jesus ascended into heaven: "So then the Lord Jesus. Was taken up into heaven And sat down at the right hand of God. And they went out and proclaimed the good news everywhere." (Mk 16: 19)


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