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Lucie McNulty's long solo ended sadly in Wells mobile home - Press Herald

“If she felt like talking, she would talk for an hour,” Clouse said. “If she didn’t … well, you wouldn’t get much. She couldn’t remember the last time she and Lucie spoke, only that it had been years. Last month, the news reached Clouse in western New York that her friend had died. Her remains were discovered inside her cluttered mobile home in Wells. “She was an amazing person … a complicated person,” Clouse said recently from her home, where she and her husband, Joseph, run an instrument repair shop. “To think she had no one in her life in the end is just … it’s just unbelievably sad. Lucie’s death saddened and outraged many, including people who didn’t know her at all. How could the death of a woman described by friends and co-workers as outgoing and funny, a woman remembered fondly by students even decades later, a woman who inspired beautiful music and was a gifted musician herself, go unnoticed. The seclusion that defined Lucie’s final years was no accident. Interviews with roughly two dozen people who knew her at various points in her life, a visit to the community where she spent most of her adulthood and a review of court documents revealed that her isolation from the world was gradual and deliberate. Lucie McNulty systematically structured her life to be solitary, shutting out friends, leaving the community where she was well known for a private home on a wooded street where neighbors mostly left her alone. Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about Lucie’s slow retreat was that she appeared to abandon the one constant in her life, the thing that gave her joy and purpose: music. Dawn Cavaretta, a former colleague and friend, once asked Lucie if she planned to teach private music lessons or join any community bands or orchestras once she moved to Maine. At some point for Lucie McNulty, the music just stopped. But the exact reason remains a mystery. She was an intensely private person and there was a sense that her one-time friends don’t want to betray that privacy by sharing her secrets. Or perhaps, Lucie remains a mystery to them, too. ••••• She was born March 14, 1946, the only child of Leo and Lucy McNulty. She was raised in Seaford, New York, a small town on the South Shore of Long Island. Her mother stayed home. Lucie did well in school. She participated in Girl Scouts and took an early interest in music. Source:

Old advertising signs highly collectible, valuable - INFORUM

In the 1980s, a series of restaurant chains started decorating with old advertising signs, figures, bottles and boxes to promote the idea of old-time menus and traditional food favorites. There were already serious advertising collectors searching for signs that pictured authentic examples of past lifestyles, choices of merchandise and printing technology. A method of printing on tin was developed in 1876. One popular but rare sign is the 16½-by-10-inch Egg-O-See cereal self-framed, lithographed tin sign. Egg-O-See was a processed wheat cereal created in 1906 that was well-advertised. The sign pictures a boy in overalls eating at a Mission oak breakfast table in an up-to-date 1910 room. On the table is a blue-green box of cereal, a glass sugar bowl and a glass of milk. Four of these signs sold for announced prices at large auctions between 2007 and 2015. All were excellent condition with only a few flaws in the paint or a slight dent. The earliest sold for $664, and five years later, another brought $750. Then a year later one sold for $950 and last year, $2,250. Great advertising signs have been going up in price, but only when the graphics are great and the condition is... Q: I have a table that was passed on to me by an aunt. It is 27 inches high and has three tiers, a round one in the center and two lower ones on either side. The table has four legs, flared, under a harp pedestal. There is a mark stamped on the bottom, a triangle within a triangle and the name Mersman. Can you tell me how old this table is and what it is worth. Mersman owned sawmills in northeastern Indiana, moved to northwest Ohio in 1876, and began to make tables. By 1900 he had opened a factory in Celina, Ohio, and was making dining and library tables and beds. Mersman turned the company over to two of his sons and by 1927, after a series of name changes, the company was known as Mersman Brothers Corp. The company specialized in medium-quality occasional tables—they made millions—and radio cabinets. was bought by Congoleum in 1963, sold to a private investment group in 1977, and stopped production completely in 1995. Your table was made in the 1940s and is worth $100 to $200. Q: My 11-inch high copper colored vase has iridescent abstract... The bottom is marked with a cluster of five skinny towers in a dotted line circle. A: Zsolnay Pecs is part of the mark for a Hungarian pottery started in 1853. The Art Nouveau pieces, often with three-dimensional women clinging to the. Source:

Spring is prime time to update your home - Grand Forks Herald

It's the latest in a series of room-remodeling projects the couple has asked designer Susan Nord to take on in the Grand Forks home where they've lived for 10 years. The room was supposed to serve as kind of a male sanctuary but, until it was revamped, it didn't live up to that purpose, Paul Bothun said. Dominated by a large desk, the space did not function well as a place for his friends and sons to retreat to talk, watch TV or just hang out. "I called it the 'guys' room,' but it never really had that appeal," he said. Seated in an easy chair, he looked around the remodeled room. Nord, designer and owner of Susan Nord Designs, guided the Bothuns through the process of reinventing the space. The newly redesigned room emphasizes the use of "chrome, metals and textures of stone and cork," she said. "They wanted a place where Paul could relax, watch TV and do some work if he wanted to. ". For this project, completed in February, "we basically gutted the whole thing," Nord said. "Now that that large desk is gone, it's amazing how much bigger this room feels," Lori Bothun said. A new built-in, L-shaped desk freed up more space for seating — a pair of lounge chairs with matching ottomans leans contemporary, the other pair more traditional, which invites conversation and relaxation. "When you sit down, it feels like you're sitting in a little sports car," Nord said. "They kind of wrap around you, but they're still comfortable for a gentleman to sit in. ". Natural elements. At the start of the project, Nord followed the cues she got from talking with the Bothuns about their hopes for the look and feel of the room. "I sensed that texture was important to them," she said, which prompted her to suggest natural elements, such as cork wallpaper, wood-grained flooring tile and a full wall of caramel-colored stacked stone that makes a dramatic statement. Dark wooden beams that accent a creamy white, 12-foot ceiling lend a rustic feeling to the room. "I like the beams," Paul Bothun said. The custom-made desk, surfaced with quartz, provides ample work space atop the dark walnut cabinetry and file drawers. "We wanted to give it a beefier feeling, so we added this hefty gold hardware, rather than a smaller handle," Nord pointed out. The dark woods extend to the built-in, floor-to-ceiling bookcases that flank a large window facing the cul-de-sac. Source:

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    The skirting on the mobile home was collapsing and there was mold on the blinds and curtains. The oil tank was empty. “There was only one small path approximately 18 inches wide to navigate from the front door to the bathroom.” The officer searched

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    of all the types of cases I've handled -- from child abuse to first-degree murder -- I haven't ever received this many emails and letters," said Pertler, the Carlton County attorney since 2005, who hoisted up a stack of a stack of papers easily six

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    Artists have created pictures of naked women for centuries, and many of the paintings and sculptures are now displayed in museums or homes. But some collectors are more interested in "naughties," a group of 3- to 6-inch-long bisque figurines made from 

  • Old advertising signs highly collectible, valuable

    03/11/16 ,via INFORUM

    One popular but rare sign is the 16½-by-10-inch Egg-O-See cereal self-framed, lithographed tin sign. Egg-O-See was a processed wheat cereal created in 1906 that was well-advertised. The sign pictures a boy in overalls eating at a Mission oak breakfast 

  • Spring is prime time to update your home

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    In the theater room, sectional recliner seating faces a 72-inch TV surrounded by built-in storage cabinets that fully cover the longest wall. To the right is a fireplace adorned, above the mantel, by a swordfish their son caught on a fishing trip off


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