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The upside of Hong Kong's southside -

Can a 40-year-old industrial building be turned into an attractive hotel. The answer is a resounding yes, if you are talking about Hong Kong’s Ovolo Southside, the first hotel in this land-starved region to be re-purposed from a warehouse. Hong Kong-based Ovolo Group purchased the building in 2007, before transforming it over seven years. Located a stone’s throw away from the renowned Ocean Park, Ovolo Southside just celebrated its second anniversary in April. There are 23 floors in the standalone building, with 162 rooms occupying the fifth to the 22nd floors. The open rooftop bar called Above is wonderful as it affords a good view of the Ocean Park, and part of Wong Chuk Hang, or what is known as Hong Kong’s emerging arts and cultural district. Wong Chuk Hang is an industrial and residential town at the edge of Aberdeen (or what locals call Little Hong Kong) that is being transformed from its gritty industrial self into a district that is increasingly populated by classy eateries,... This area that falls under Hong Kong’s Southern district should become easily accessible once the West Island Line mass transit railway starts operating by the end of this year. Even without the train, Ovolo Southside is well served by public transport, being located very near to a bus stop that is served by more than two dozen buses, making travel to any part of Hong Kong or Kowloon a cinch. While there is no pool, the hotel does come with a host of things that come without additional payment on top of the room charge: breakfast is included, complimentary in-room beverages (soft drinks, water, juice, Tsingtao beer), great WiFi... “It’s in our DNA at Ovolo Hotels to put guests first, that’s why we make for effortless living every day by including all our signature freebies. Who really wants to pay HK$40 (RM21) to wash some socks. Helmed by executive chef Krzysztof Bandel, this eatery serving modern European cuisine in a cool setting is a highly rated joint in Hong Kong (www. A good alternative to this slab of meat is the seared halibut fillet (HK$215/RM114), which comes with chermoula, asparagus and white beans. Source:

The 10 things your dad *really* wants for Father's Day - Metro

Buying presents for dads is hard. Chances are, if he wanted something he’s already got it. But before you go for the default options of novelty slippers, nose hair trimmers and a world’s best dad mug, consider what really matters to him. If your dad could plan out the perfect day, what would he have. We think the list would look something like this. Dads don’t generally get lie-ins, because as soon as they wake up they remember All The Stuff That Must Be Done. Unplug the alarm clock, pin up the blackout blinds and lay off the techno until he’s up. 2. A poo in peace. Dads and bathrooms have a unique relationship: it’s where he goes to hide from the kids. Unfortunately all too often the kids find him and bang on the door, interrupting his reading and harshing his mellow. Whether you’re rich or poor, you can give him the gift of a peaceful poo this Father’s Day. Dad can go back to watching his Sky Plus-ed programmes in the wee small hours tomorrow. Forget the expensive gift guides. Something you know he’d love but wouldn’t spend money on is always good. For most dads, the prospect of a dinner with the family beats any fancy gadget. Everybody likes to feel loved. If your own culinary skills aren’t too hot or if dad’s the one in charge of cooking at home, book somewhere nice – and make sure someone other than dad is doing the driving. You wouldn’t buy him a stapler as a present. A one-off experience. Is there something you know he’d love doing but would never arrange for himself. Learning to make amazing curries with Maunika Gowardhan, perhaps, or throwing an Audi TT round a race track, or getting an Indian Head Massage at the local spa. For the kids, if he has young ones. Silence is a precious and rare commodity for parents of young children, and taking the wee ones away for even an hour is a magical thing. We’re aware of the irony given what we’ve just said, but this time we’re talking about grown-up children. As we get older, we tend to see our parents less and less: we’ve got our own lives to lead, and many of us have our own kids to worry about too. That makes the gift of your time one of the best gifts of all: if you can physically be there on the day that’s brilliant, but if you’re on the other side of the world a call, FaceTime or Skype. Source:

Toothless Tigr can still protect itself [ES2016D5] - IHS Jane's 360

The Military Industrial Company (MIC, Hall 6, Stand D197) is the prime contractor for all of the Russian wheeled armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), including the latest Bumerang (8x8) currently undergoing trials with the Russian Army, and the Tigr... It is in the unarmed configuration and fitted with a front-mounted winch. The windows are of bullet-/ splinter-proof glass and these have integrated firing ports to allow the crew to fire from within the safety of the vehicle. Powered by a YaMZ-53472-10 four-cylinder inline turbocharged diesel developing 215hp coupled to a manual five-speed transmission, it has a maximum road speed of 120km/h and a maximum operating range of 950km. As usual there are a wide range of... When being used for military operations it can be fitted with a roof-mounted protected weapons station or a remote weapon station armed with a 7. 62mm or 12. 7mm machine gun. The Russian Army deploys the Tigr for a wide range of battlefield missions, including fitted with roof-mounted launchers for the KBP Instrument Design Bureau Kornet laser-guided anti-tank guided weapon. Source:

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  • The upside of Hong Kong's southside

    06/17/16 ,via

    The floor-to-ceiling windows afforded an excellent view of the surroundings, and I could see the cable car system of the Hong Kong Ocean Park nearby. The large window is controlled by electrically operated blackout as well as sheer blinds, so

  • The 10 things your dad *really* wants for Father's Day

    06/18/16 ,via Metro

    Buying presents for dads is hard. Chances are, if he wanted something he's already got it. But before you go for the default options of novelty slippers, nose hair trimmers and a world's best dad mug, consider what really matters to him. If your dad

  • Toothless Tigr can still protect itself [ES2016D5]

    06/17/16 ,via IHS Jane's 360

    wide range of options, including roof-mounted police light bars, spotlights, protective grilles, extra handheld loop straps for use when being used by special forces, extra steps, an air-conditioning system, a video observation system and blackout

  • 10 Ways to Spruce up Your Bachelor Pad

    06/09/16 ,via Huffington Post

    Single men tend to decorate their living spaces in a very simple manner. Most do not like to have accessories, throw pillows and fancy rugs in their spaces. There are ways to make a bachelor pad look like a sophisticated person who is ready for family

  • Stage goes dark as Southgate theatre gets new blinds

    06/14/16 ,via North London Today

    The inclusive Chickenshed Theatre needed new blinds to replace ageing curtains which were too difficult for some of its students to manoeuvre. The 42-year-old theatre also needed to exclude every spot of light to create a total blackout effect in the


  • Laxton's Building Price Book 2002

    Butterworth-Heinemann. 2001. ISBN: 9780080546155,0080546153. 1328 pages.

    Laxton's gives you access to the most reliable and current data. All 250,000 price elements have been individually checked and updated for the 2002 edition so that your estimates are always accurate and cost competitive. Laxton's makes analytical estimating simple and straightforward by displaying a complete breakdown for all measured items under 10 separate headings, all on a single page. This shows you a complete price build-up at a glance - and gives you the option to make price adjustments wherever necessary. You can find the sections you need quickly and easily, via the special marker system on the front cover and page edges. The free CD with this price book contains Masterbill's ESTIMATOR software and fully resourced data on all the price elements in Laxtons. Not only does the CD offer fast and efficient pricing at the touch of a button, it gives details of all the resources required to do the job. Laxton's approximate estimating section gives all in pricing for quick reference on the cost of composite items such as floors helping you calculate the cost implications of using plywood sheeting rather than softwood boarding, for example. Laxton's Basic Price section gives you a quick price on hundreds of items - from concrete work to roofing materials - to save you going through hundreds of lists from suppliers, manufacturers and building merchants. Laxton's Brand and Trade Names section lists over 12,000 brands and trade names and company addresses to help you locate specific items. Latest wage rates, fees and allowances All 250,000 price elements checked and updated

  • The Hotel Standards Compendium

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2014. ISBN: 9781291766615,1291766618.

    The Hotel Standards Compendium sets down standards across all areas of the hotel from public areas to bedrooms, restaurant to ski-slopes and beyond, providing real-life practical advice and experience to accompany the standards laid down; the main advantage of the title is the conversational, practical tone that allows the reader to dip in and out, whilst understanding why a standard is needed and how it can be achieved. As a world first title the book will be continually evolving to keep up with ever-changing expectations of guests and changes to technology. This title is not just a must-read for every hotelier, it is a companion manual that is essential to providing the best possible experience to guests for every discerning hotel manager.

  • Sparrow: A Chronicle of Defiance

    Klaut. 2012. ISBN: 9780473226237,0473226235. 796 pages.

    Sparrow is a seldom-heard but uplifting story of the Sparrows – the Battle of Britain gunners who defended Timor as part of Sparrow Force. It is the story of Charlie McLachlan’s war: a triumph of stubborn Scottish defiance and laconic Aussie genius over the relentless violence of man and nature. From the Rudolph Hess crash-landing to the atom bomb, from history’s last bayonet charge to the war’s greatest aerial bombardment, Charlie McLachlan survives and bears witness to some of the landmark days of World War II. At one time or other in his four-year ordeal he is fired upon by the armies, navies and/or air forces of Germany, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States of America – pretty much everyone but the Russians. He defies or evades the ravages of tropical ulcers, tropical heat, alpine cold, gangrene, cholera, malaria, beriberi, dysentery, mosquitoes, crocodiles, snakes, sharks, scorpions, sadistic Sikhs, Japanese hellships, falling coconuts, flying shrapnel, beatings, beheadings, bullets, bombs, bayonets, torpedoes, a crushed leg, a fractured skull, malnutrition and premature cremation. He’s presumed dead by the British Army, left for dead by Japanese guards, and declared dead by a Dutch-Javanese doctor. Yet through it all Charlie soldiers on. Half a world away, his wife Mary, fashioned from the same mental granite, stoically awaits his return. Not even an official telegram confirming the near-certainty of Charlie’s death, or later rumours of his torture, can shake her iron faith. *** Sparrow Force – the force that defended Timor in 1942 – was one of Australia’s most successful military units. At the lowest point in the Second World War these soldiers - equipped with First World War weapons and cut off from Australia - waged a commando campaign that held off Japan’s most successful and elite special force. Low in medicine and ammunition, they built an improvised radio that regained contact with their homeland. It was the first good news of the war for the Allies. Sparrow Force was unique. They were the first force to defeat Japan in battle, and they were the last to be captured. Those who escaped to pursue a guerrilla campaign spent more time in combat against the Japanese than any other Allied unit. They were set up to fail; instead they endured, defied, and succeeded. Newsreels were made, victories were recorded, medals were awarded, and Australia’s morale was elevated. As Winston Churchill famously said, “They alone did not surrender.”


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