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Tips on keeping bills down in the Summer -

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Frigidaire's Gorgeous New Connected AC Works Like a Fever Dream - Gizmodo

Beyond the almost Apple-inspired white exterior, the Frigidaire AC features a filter that pops out the front, instead of sliding out the side like my old unit, the Quirky Aros. Meanwhile, the vents are angled up so that the air circulates through the room from the top down instead of getting blasted straight out the front of the unit and sinking to the floor. ) That said, the angled vent gimmick doesn’t work very well if you have shades or blinds, since the air just shoots straight up behind the window covering. The unit’s good looks are hard to ignore, though. The control panel is touch sensitive and wonderfully glossy, though the white LED indicator lights are basically impossible to see in a bright window. But like a cherry on top, the new Frigidaire AC came with these insulated panels that covered up those ugly accordion-style wings on the side making it almost look like the unit was part of my apartment’s architecture. As I learned from living with the Quirky Aros, internet connected ACs aren’t that useful. The idea that you can adjust the unit from your phone and even program it to turn on when you’re almost home sounds futuristic. The only problem is that taking out your phone and fumbling through an app sometimes takes longer than getting up and pressing a damn button. You might love firing up the AC when you’re on the way home so that your apartment is nice and chilly when you arrive. I personally prefer turning it on when I walk in the door and letting the air blow in my face until I’m not hot any more. Nevertheless, you can have it both ways with the Frigidaire Cool Connect—but the smart features stop short of learning your habits, like Nest does. It basically works as a substitute for the unit’s remote, which I actually use more often. The programming features work just fine. The true test of any air conditioner, of course, is whether or not it can cool down your living space and keep it cool. Like most modern AC units, the Cool Connect comes with three settings: cool, eco, and fan. The cool mode will bring down the temperature in your place to a desired level and keep it there, gobbling up lots of pricey electricity in the process. The eco mode turns off and on to keep the room close to your desired temperature without wasting energy. The fan is a fan. Cool mode is the only way to go, in my opinion. On a recent 90-degree day in New York, I turned my bedroom into a beautiful little ice box, and it stayed that way. This is despite the fact that an 8,000 BTU unit. Source:

Ask an energy consultant - Community Impact Newspaper

The best and most basic way to conserve energy is making sure all the systems in the home are working properly. Have the [heating, ventilation and air conditioning] system serviced. Make sure the refrigerator door is sealing properly. Check that all the exterior doors and windows are closing fully. Have the attic insulated properly. Most homeowners understand the basics like setting the thermostat to a reasonable temperature and using fans to create a more comfortable environment. Turn off and unplug electronics, including televisions that are not being used. Close the blinds and draw the drapes. Commenting Policy: Community Impact Newspaper welcomes observations and opinions. Comments and discussions should be relevant to the news topics we cover and contain no abusive language. Comments that are libelous, off topic, advertorial, spam, vulgar, profane or include personal or professional attacks will not be allowed. Comments made by website users do not represent the opinions of Community Impact Newspaper and have not been checked for accuracy. Community Impact Newspaper reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter’s name or username and location, in any medium. Source:

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  • Tips on keeping bills down in the Summer

    06/17/16 ,via

    Use insulated drapes, blinds, or shades on windows. Always use the thermostat "auto" setting instead of the "on" setting for the air handler. Use ceiling or box fans in occupied rooms in the summer to make it feel 3 to 5 degrees cooler. Check and/or 

  • Temperatures are high, expect bills to be the same

    06/17/16 ,via

    Some long-term measures to ensure the cold air is trapped inside and the warm air stays outside include making sure a house is well insulated and windows are well sealed and that there are no cracks below doors. Having vegetation, like large trees to

  • Insulation must really be maintained up-to-date for wintertime

    06/17/16 ,via

    Something else property owners are able to do, would be to open up window curtains and blinds through summer weather to make it easy for sunlightto come in. Closing drapes and blinds throughout evening time and cold months will cut back energy loss too 

  • Frigidaire's Gorgeous New Connected AC Works Like a Fever Dream

    06/10/16 ,via Gizmodo

    The first time I saw the new Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect smart air conditioner my jaw dropped. It was the best-looking window AC unit I'd ever seen with a sleek design and supposedly neat wi-fi functionality. After a month of using it, I now

  • Ask an energy consultant

    They should also try to reduce extra heat being produced in the home. Use the microwave rather than the oven. Turn off and unplug electronics, including televisions that are not being used. Turn off lights and fans when you leave a room. Close the


  • Heat Transfer and Electromechanical Actuated Blinds Inside Insulated Glass

    1999. 88 pages.
  • Energy Conservation in Buildings Heating, Ventilation and Insulation

    Springer Science & Business Media. 1983. ISBN: 9027715785,9789027715784. 494 pages.

    Proceedings of the Contractors' Meetings held in Brussels, December 14-15, 1981, May 6-7, September 24, 28 and 30 and October 21, 1982

  • Popular Science

    1978. 176 pages.

    Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.


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