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2" Horizontal Blind Hold Down with Pins, METAL for DURABILITY! (2 Pair)

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Bigfoot in Bunker? The search is on - The Salem News

Throughout the forests, crags and caves of the Ozarks a legend has been whispered among those brave enough to reside in Missouri’s vast southern expanse. For centuries, it’s been said something strange lives in the wilderness, something which our modern world struggles to explain. Today, that legend is spreading beyond the traditional confines of the bonfire, and local residents are speaking out that Bigfoot may call our countryside home. “Back in the ‘70s I used to track Bigfoot on horseback,” Prater says. “One day I came across one along the creek bank. My horse was too scared and there was a strong foul odor emitting from the hole, so I didn’t go in to see for myself. The Bigfoot encounters began at that location after the property owner found a recently slain deer with its head wedged into the fork of a tree 15 feet off the ground during a tour of his land via an all-terrain vehicle. After investigating the scene, Reary found a logging operation was taking place not far from the strange occurrences. Reary also talked to neighboring property owners who reported seeing a dark figure in the woods, and smelling foul odors from unknown sources. Photographs of the handprints were then sent by Reary to be examined by a number of experts, including a twice published Bigfoot researcher. They reported the prints elongated fingers indicated it was a Bigfoot of the southern variety as opposed to the short-fingered northerners. Source: www.thesalemnewsonline.com

I Was Paralyzed with Irrational Postpartum Paranoia. Then the Terrorists Came. - Narratively

otre bébé est jaune ,” the midwife snapped, hovering over my sleeping baby, who, to her, looked yellow. When I admitted it had been several days, I was told, in an even sharper timbre, that going outside was not a suggestion but a requirement. Conflicted between being grateful for and inconvenienced by these complimentary health care house calls that France provides for new mothers, at this moment I decided I hated the midwife for challenging my intuition. The truth was I did not want to go outside with my newborn son, not out of fatigue or inattention, but out of fear. While I could never be accused of being reserved when it comes to expressing my feelings, like my scorn for the manual breast pump I was invited to use, I was unable to be candid about my apprehension regarding leaving the house alone with my child. Looking up the symptoms of postpartum disorders, which range from concerning to critical, I cherry-picked the few that were familiar and came to suspect I was experiencing postpartum anxiety. Unsure if this was more or less severe than the more commonly-discussed postpartum depression, I visited my doctor, who prescribed fresh oranges and sleep. He assured me it was common for new mothers to feel anxious after giving birth and that my hormones just needed to run their course. His reassurance encouraged me to participate in the bare minimum in outdoor activities, usually with my husband and armed with an unreasonable amount of baby equipment. While I was not exactly relaxed about leaving the house, my exhaustion made me complacent. But when we received our first invitation to have an early dinner with friends who wanted to meet our baby, I felt I had to protest. “What if there are drunk people on the street on the way there. “It’s Paris,” my husband laughed. “There are always drunk people on the street. Every vividly catastrophic storyline I outlined was challenged by my husband’s rational thinking, an attribute that I usually enjoy, but which now made me want to smash his face in. “Remember ‘What About Bob. ” I looked up with sharp suspicion. “Baby steps. “Just take baby steps. And for some reason this was what I needed to hear to get us out of the house that night. If we took small steps together as a family on this beautiful night, Paris dressed up for autumn in shades of gold and chestnut, what was the worst that. Source: narrative.ly

Bobo: Sometimes chores are necessary between hunts - LubbockOnline.com

It’s too hot to fish, and too hot for golf, so why not get some summer projects finished around the hunting camp. When hunting seasons have ended for the year, there is always the lull between June and September when you can complete some projects that you’ve simply been putting off because you’d rather be hunting. When I drove out of our hunting camp after turkey season ended earlier this month, I made a mental note of some things that needed to get finished before next hunting season arrived. Tasks included anything from clearing brush around our roads to upkeep and maintenance of our blinds and feeders. My brother, my dad, and I try to work on ranch projects together as often as we can. We recently spent three or four days putting a new metal roof on the hunting cabin. Throughout the deer season, we stayed in the cabin and experienced ice storms, dust storms, countless thunderstorms and the massive snow storm in late December. There was a leak in the roof of the bathroom that ran down the wall and had warped the paneling that supported the mirror. The mirror bulged out from the wall and made me feel like I was looking into one of those mirrors at the fair that make you look fat, or short, or disfigured in some way. There were several other small roof leaks throughout the rest of the cabin and at one point we even had sleet that was coming into the cabin from a crack in the ceiling. Needless to say, we knew the roof had to be replaced. We decided my brother Jason would take care of locating the materials, my dad Vic would be the brains behind the project, and I would follow instructions from the both of them once the work began. Before we could begin putting the new metal roof on, we had to remove the old and dilapidated roof that was currently on the cabin. It was a pliable plastic roof that had been put on in sections. I was quite upset flying insects that can sting you are not what you want to find while removing material on a rotten roof. I’m glad nobody was shooting video of me aimlessly swinging my hammer at a swarm of angry wasps while trying to maintain my balance on the roof. Luckily, Jason and I came out of the roof removal unscathed. Now the new roof could be installed. Jason had arranged for a buddy of his, Todd Seimants, to help with the roof replacement. Source: lubbockonline.com

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    06/17/16 ,via Pacific Standard

    If his eyes are sharp, he might pick out the face of a duck hunter in one of the corrugated-iron blinds that litter the east break wall, a spread of hand-carved decoys bobbing solemnly in the freighter's wake. Steaming up the breakwater toward the

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    Each unit features 3/4-inch thick solid oak hardwood floors, brick and taupe-colored walls, and nearly floor-to-ceiling custom Pella windows with wood-finish blinds and restored wood frames, including arches for the fourth-floor units. Many units have

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    50788: 371 S. Phillips Ave., reroof building, Architectural Roofing & Sheet Metal; $46,290. » 50804: 225 S. Main Ave., interior remodel, . Oh My Blinds LLC, Sioux Falls, Chad T. Underberg, Sioux Falls; South Dakota, April 21. » On the Prairie LLC

  • N.J. on alert for severe storms on Saturday

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    If windows break due to objects blown by wind, the blinds will prevent glass from shattering into your home. Do not handle corded telephones or electrical appliances. Avoid bathtubs, water faucets and sinks. Telephone lines, electrical lines and metal


  • Exterior Solar Blinds, Linear Metal Ceilings

  • 1977 census of manufactures

  • 1958 Census of Manufactures

    1960. 292 pages.


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