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Temperatures are high, expect bills to be the same -

The average Lubbock household sees its electric usage go up two to three times in the summer months, largely attributable to running the air conditioner. With temperatures reaching at least 90 degrees for the past nine days and forecast to do so for the remainder of the month, those air conditioners are likely to be persistently working — and it’ll be reflected in the next billing cycle. Matt Rose, a spokesman for Lubbock Power & Light, said the average residential household in Lubbock uses somewhere around 500 killowatt hours of electricity (kWh) a month during the cooler seasons. Over the warmer months, he said, that increases to over 1,000 kWh, with some households reaching 1,500 kWh a month. Wes Reeves, a spokesman for Xcel Energy, said cooling can account for half or more of summer residential bills. Some long-term measures to ensure the cold air is trapped inside and the warm air stays outside include making sure a house is well insulated and windows are well sealed and that there are no cracks below doors. Having vegetation, like large trees to offer shade so the home isn’t directly in the sun, is also helpful. One day-to-day tip is to keep window shades closed during the daytime. Rose said if you want to have the window blinds cracked a little, angle them to where the light goes up instead of down into the carpet where it will heat up the floor. Rose also strongly urges users to not turn off the air conditioning during the day when nobody is home. “If the air inside your home reaches 85 or 90 degrees because it’s 100 degrees outside and you come home in the evening and you turn on your AC, it’s going to run all night long to try to get it back to your comfortable level,” he said. It’s recommended to change out your air filters once every quarter year so the air conditioner isn’t working extra to push air through the debris buildup, and Rose said it’s also beneficial to keep ceiling fans going to keep the air well circulated. Reeves also offered cost-saving tips — one being to wait to turn on household items that could heat up the house, such as the clothes dryer, oven or dishwasher, until after the peak heat of the day. Reeves said Xcel’s general peak time is in August, when the company is responsible to move about 4,855 megawatts to its retail and wholesale customers, including Lubbock. From June through September, Lubbock Power & Light enacts its summer rates. Source:

N.J. on alert for severe storms on Saturday -

If you have any outdoor plans on Saturday, keep your eye on the sky. Forecasters say there's a risk of severe thunderstorms developing in the afternoon and later in the day, because of an approaching warm front and instability in the atmosphere. Some of the storm cells could drop small hail and pack wind gusts strong enough to topple trees and damage homes — similar to what occurred in parts of New Jersey earlier this week. According to a hazardous weather outlook issued by the National Weather Service, strong storms could develop in any region of the Garden State on Saturday, but the threat is slightly lower in far southern counties, like Cape May and Cumberland. 12 of the worst storms ever to hit N. J. "While there remains some uncertainty with the evolution and placement of thunderstorms, some severe thunderstorms are possible mainly in the afternoon and evening with damaging wind gusts and hail," the... "Those with outdoor plans or events should be aware of the risk for severe thunderstorms. Valerie Meola, a meteorologist at the weather service's regional office in Mount Holly, said New Jerseyans should monitor the latest forecast and use common sense when making plans for the weekend. If nasty storms do develop, they would mark the third time in seven days that New Jersey was hit by strong thunderstorms. Last Sunday, some parts of the state were pounded with torrential rain and wind gusts as high as 60 to 70 mph. One gust of 74 mph was detected in Camden County, and dozens of trees were knocked down by the winds. On Wednesday, another batch of strong storms swept through the state , toppling trees and utility wires in several counties and causing more than 45,000 homes and businesses to lose power. Saturday is expected to start out with partly sunny skies and temperatures in the low to mid-80s across most of the state, but clouds will be on the rise during the early afternoon, along with humidity. The outlook for Sunday is warm, dry, but breezy, with temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. . STORM SAFETY TIPS. If a thunderstorm is on the way, there are several things you can do to protect yourself from lightning, strong winds and flooding. Draw blinds and shades over windows. If windows break due to objects blown by wind, the blinds will prevent glass from shattering into your home. Source:

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    06/18/16 ,via East County Magazine

    Grossmont Center in La Mesa is an outdoor mall but does have an enclosed food court area with seating, a movie theater, and of course all stores are air conditioned: Movie theaters are always good retreats on a hot day.

  • A lath house will shade orchids from summer sun

    06/17/16 ,via Winston-Salem Journal

    As the elevation of the sun changes during the year, it becomes a challenge to diffuse the light for outdoor plants. A partially . Originally used to hold plaster to walls, laths were later used as bars for venetian blinds and window shutters

  • Temperatures are high, expect bills to be the same

    06/17/16 ,via

    One day-to-day tip is to keep window shades closed during the daytime. Rose said if you Rather, he suggests increasing the temperature eight to 10 degrees and then slowly adjusting it back down during the evening when it's cooler outside. “If the

  • N.J. on alert for severe storms on Saturday

    06/10/16 ,via

    If you have any outdoor plans on Saturday, keep your eye on the sky. Forecasters say there's a risk of severe thunderstorms developing in the Draw blinds and shades over windows. If windows break due to objects blown by wind, the blinds will

  • Why Light Matters: Designing with Circadian Health in Mind

    06/13/16 ,via Metropolis Magazine

    We then contemplated how to incorporate these ideas into our own designs, to infuse our design process with a purposeful relationship to the outdoors, the connection to the ever changing sky, and lighting resources that are essential to human wellness


  • Thermal shutters and shades

    1980. 238 pages.
  • The Homeowner's Handbook to Energy Efficiency

    Greenleaf Book Group. 2016. ISBN: 9781880120187,1880120186. 179 pages.

    Shows how to make houses more energy efficient with projects ranging from simple fixes to large-scale renovations.

  • Shade Book

    Palmer/Pletsch Publishing. 1982. ISBN: 0960303227,9780960303229. 148 pages.

    Featuring a beautifula and functional shades, blinds, swags, and valences, this home decoration guide provides an in-depth look at a wide variety of non-drapery window covering. Instructions for creating and installing many styles of shades are provided with both the beginner and the expert do-it-yourself homemaker in mind. Included are tips creating countless variations on classic styles, including roman shades, cloud shades, balloon shades, Austrian shades, and shade toppers. The environmental advantages of shades are also stressed, with detailed information on shades' ability to conserve energy by holding heat during the winter while reflecting the sun in the summer. Tips on care and upkeep, plus yardage charts complete the book.


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