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Blind Dog - The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog (Full Album)

Thundergroove 00:00 10.000 Reasons 05:06 Blend 09:02 Beyond My Reach 14:42 When I'm Finally Gone 20:52 Feels Like My Mind 24:18 Wish I Knew Which Side I'm On...

Are deaf dogs and blind dogs just like other dogs? - DogTime

The scientists say, “The increased chewing, excessive barking, and increased self- licking reported in the HVI dogs may be due to differences in sensory input compared to non-HVI dogs. Indeed, all the excesses in behavior appear to be self-stimulatory in nature.” Because they asked owners about any other health issues, they do not think health is the cause of this difference. Instead, they think the dogs are making up for the lack of input from their ears or eyes with behaviors that engage their other senses.

This suggests owners of dogs with hearing or vision problems should make an explicit effort to make sure their dog has enough sensory input. The researchers suggest enrichment with toys, including vibrating toys, Kongs , and chew toys, as well as training sessions to engage the dog’s brain. Many such dogs can also attend agility or obedience classes.

The survey was completed by the owners of 461 dogs. The hearing-impaired and vision-impaired dogs (HVI) were considered as one group since there were no differences between them. Ninety-eight dogs were deaf or had a hearing impairment, 32 dogs were blind or partially-sighted, and 53 dogs were both deaf and blind (183 dogs in total). The remainder was a comparison group of dogs without such impairments.

Blind and deaf dogs are excluded from many rally and obedience programs (with notable exceptions). The authors say, “Given that no evidence was found for increased aggression , it seems that HVI dogs could successfully participate in these additional socialization opportunities. Opening up these opportunities would increase the available activities for HVI dogs. Increased opportunities for training and competition increase the general health and well-being of all dogs.”


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  • Are deaf dogs and blind dogs just like other dogs?

    09/20/14 ,via DogTime

    No one knows exactly how many dogs have hearing or vision problems. Congenital deafness and/or blindness occur in several breeds. In some cases this is related to coat colors — for example, the double merle gene in Australian Shepherds is linked to 

  • Deaf and Blind Dogs Are Just Like Other Dogs

    09/18/14 ,via Parade

    A friend of mine has a dog that is blind. But you wouldn't know it by looking or interacting with him—he comes when he is called, he greets her at the door when she comes home, and he socializes with other dogs at the dog park. While I have met dogs

  • Heartless Burglars Blind Dog With Ammonia

    08/28/14 ,via Huffington Post

    In a case that has outraged animal advocates, burglars temporarily blinded a dog with ammonia while breaking into a home in Manchester, England, on Aug 15. The thieves spotted the border collie, named Jack, as they entered the kitchen mid-morning and 

  • Uber sued for allegedly refusing rides to the blind and putting a dog in the trunk

    09/10/14 ,via Washington Post

    On another occasion a passenger was trying to explain that his dog was not a pet but a service animal when the driver allegedly cursed at him and accelerated abruptly, nearly injuring the dog and striking the passenger's friend, who is also blind, with

  • Failure to follow-up on blind dog “jokes” costs Honda $35000

    09/23/14 ,via Lexology (registration)

    Specifically, Mr. Sears argued that he had not been accommodated nor protected from Code-based harassment. On the latter point, Mr. Sears had complained in January 2011 that he had been called a “blind dog” in 2009 by a team leader and poked in the 


  • Walking the Blind Dog

    University of Illinois Press. 1992. ISBN: 0252062310,9780252062315. 99 pages.
  • Thunder Dog

    Thomas Nelson Inc. 2011. ISBN: 9781400203253,1400203252. 256 pages.

    Faith. Trust. Triumph. "I trust Roselle with my life, every day. She trusts me to direct her. And today is no different, except the stakes are higher." ?Michael Hingson First came the boom?the loud, deep, unapologetic bellow that seemed to erupt from the very core of the earth. Eerily, the majestic high-rise slowly leaned to the south. On the seventy-eighth floor of the World Trade Center's north tower, no alarms sounded, and no one had information about what had happened at 8:46 a.m. on...

  • Living with Blind Dogs

    2014. ISBN: 0967225345,9780967225340. 188 pages.

    'Living with Blind Dogs', now in its second edition, is the only published resource book on this topic. It embodies helpful hints from dozens of blind-dog owners, as well as years of ophthalmic nursing, veterinary, and dog training experiences. Both the veterinary community and dog owners alike continue to praise this text, in which Levin successfully answers the common question: "What do I do now?"


Owners of Blind Dogs

A resource for owners of dogs that are blind or visually impaired. Also, information on joining the blind dog email list.

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Like humans, dogs are individuals, and as such they respond to hardship and stress in a variety of ways. Learn how your dog may cope with becoming blind.

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