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Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors Vertical Cordless Double Rail 80 x 96

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Glider Blinds Track System(TM) for a Sliding Glass Door by 3 Blind Mice - San Diego

Visit us at for more window treatment ideas for sliders, french doors, and more! IN THIS VIDEO: This is a great product for s...

Seven tips for winterizing your sliding glass doors - EcoSeed

By Sommer Poquette

Here in Michigan, winter has arrived, and it came in with a bang! If you're from the Midwest, you're probably accustomed to cold and snowy winters. You're also probably familiar with trying to cut your heating bill to save money. With the cost of propane, on average, at over $2.00 a gallon , a home is not cheap to heat during a long winter. Unless you're using alternative methods of heating such as wood, solar panels, pellet stoves or electric heat to offset the cost, your monthly bill during the frigid months can be brutal.

My home is large and we have six sliding glass doors, so I know all about high heating bills. If you use propane and you live in the Midwest, like I do, you can spend thousands each year heating your home . Nobody likes to throw money out the window, which is why each winter we strive to lower our heating bill, which, in turn, is good for the environment and our wallet. A win-win!

Over the years, I've learned a few tips on keeping the cold out and the heat in. Here are a few of my top tips for winterizing your sliding glass doors and keeping your home a little warmer this winter.

1. Have a professional energy audit. Find out if your doors are leaking air and need to have the weather strips replaced (or if you need all new doors). Professionals also look at other areas of your home, such as your outside water faucets and outlet covers to find any place in your home that might be leaking air. We discovered that we needed new weather stripping on all of our 20-year-old sliding glass doors. Replacing our weather stripping was costly for six doors, but we could feel the difference on our toes–no more cold air leaking into the house and heat leaking out!

2. Keep your blinds closed. When we first moved into our home, I wanted all of the blinds open because it felt dark if they were closed. Now I deal with the darkness...


... Sliding Glass Doors » Beautiful Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass

... Sliding Glass Doors » Beautiful Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass
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Horizontal & Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors Ideas

Horizontal & Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors Ideas
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Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors
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  • Seven tips for winterizing your sliding glass doors

    12/03/14 ,via EcoSeed

    I've found rolling up towels and placing them at the bottom of each sliding glass door and then shutting our blinds helps stop some of the draft. Again, this is not fool-proof but it helps a little! Hopefully, you stay warmer this winter with these

  • The hectic, happy holidays are here!

    12/05/14 ,via Deseret News

    Your entire back wall is a sliding glass door.”) and my dad's slightly obsessive questioning (“Dear, did you open the blinds in your casita? It won't warm up in there unless you open the blinds . Are you sure you did? I'm going to go check, just in case.”).

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    The first level features a flexible floor plan with a 21-by-14-foot living room with neutral pile carpeting and three large windows shaded by plantation blinds. Just beyond, a bonus A large pair of sliding glass doors opens to a deck that overlooks

  • Tips to prevent burglaries when away for the holidays

    11/25/14 ,via Online Athens

    n Lock all doors and windows before leaving. If you have a sliding glass door, place a dowel or commercially available sliding door lock in the channel. Close blinds and curtains. n Set your alarm system and make sure you have current emergency contact 

  • Holiday Break Safety Tips

    11/19/14 ,via WTAJ

    SECURE YOUR VEHICLE(S): Remember to lock car doors, park in a well lit area or a secure facility and remove all valuables from vehicles, especially those in plain view (GPS units, small electronics such as IPods, MP3 players and currency including 

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  • Seven tips for winterizing your sliding glass doors

    12/03/14 ,via Eco Seed

    I've found rolling up towels and placing them at the bottom of each sliding glass door and then shutting our blinds helps stop some of the draft. Again, this is not fool-proof but it helps a little! Hopefully, you stay warmer this winter with these tips ...

  • Window treatments for sliding glass doors

    03/12/09 ,via Examiner

    Most people with any taste whatsoever hate vertical blinds. But it’s hard to find other options when you have a sliding glass door that gets lots of use. Right now mine is completely bare, because I am mired in indecision. I know I need something ...

  • window treatments for sliding glass doors

    10/03/12 ,via

    need help deciding what to put on glass sliding doors in new florida apt. anything besides verticals or drapes? i don't like the noise verticals make. mostly need to keep the sun out for part of the day but want them open the rest of the time!

  • Best Window Treatments For Your Sliding Glass Doors

    07/10/11 ,via Santa Clarita Radio

    Whether you live in an apartment or in a large home in the sunny Santa Clarita valley, it’s nice to have style options when it comes to window treatments for your sliding glass doors. Virtually any window treatment that you would use on a window can be ...

  • Which Window Treatment Ideas Work Best for Sliding Glass Doors?

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    I am not a fan of the vertical blinds that you slide, but I do need some fun and current suggestions for two sets of sliding doors in my new home. One set of doors is oversized. --iVillager mcdonhe Sliding glass doors are practical and functional ...


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