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What is Color Blindness | Signs and Symptoms | Video | Veria Living

http://www.veria.com/ Saying you're color-blind won't get you off the hook for running a red light. In this Signs and Symptoms video from Veria Living learn ...

Mountains Out of Mole-hills

I am actually saddened by the loss of this little thing. I know my response is pathetic. I have a friend who just lost the very little bit of vision she had left by trying out a surgery that was nearly guaranteed to help her blindness. And I just, I can't even imagine. I love my senses, because they help me love life, even when circumstances are shitty. On the worst day, I can see the color of a leaf or sky, hear these leaves rustle in the wind and I am happy. I can feel the smooth thin petal of a rose between my fingers and roll it into a ball between my palms and smell it on my hands, put the petal ball in my mouth and taste its sweetness, its acidity. My friend is heroic everyday, at least to me. So this silly mole. The thing that makes me sad is I never knew it. I only noticed it a few months back and it was much larger than any others that I did recognize on my body. It was on the back of my neck to the left of my nape. If it was truly new, I'd be OK getting rid of it because it was an evolution, new growth. But if it was there my whole life, I will be sad to have so hastily rid myself of it, because it was part of me--holy. Also, the haste that occurred in removing it was reminiscent of that half-understanding, half-awareness I had the first time I chose to have sex. Reluctant, but urgent. I was leaving the country that afternoon and this was likely the last time we would see each other, whatever that meant. Half of my mind had to go somewhere else in order to belay the immediate regrets during it, half of my mind was watching from above us in curious shock of what it really looked like to do this. I would take that morning back if I could, because I lacked full confidence in my decision and also because I wish I could have shared the moment of innocence with Noa (though it pretty much felt new with Noa since 5 minutes of dissociative sex, far away in Africa, in my mind, did not feel like I had de-virgined myself). The idea of a easylife brings me to one... Source: yellow roses and a wedding

What is Color Blindness?

What is Color Blindness?
Image by www.totaleye.org

What is it like to be color blind pictures 4

What is it like to be color blind pictures 4
Image by free.bridal-shower-themes.com

What is Color Blindness?

What is Color Blindness?
Image by www.healthgiants.com

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  • 5 Jobs You Can't Have If You're Color Blind

    One of the biggest problems that color blind drivers have is distinguishing traffic lights. They will not be able to tell whether it is time to go, get ready or step as the light colors change. Some parking spaces have automated slots where you can

  • Contemporary Artist Concetta Antico's Vividly Colorful World

    11/03/14 ,via DOGOnews

    The findings are extremely important to her that while her world is filled with extra color, her daughter's is the exact opposite. The mutation in her X chromosomes have caused her to be color blind, which is rather unusual given that the condition is

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  • The Price of American Eugenics

    11/04/14 ,via Pacific Standard

    Further causes for sterilization included early-onset puberty; a perceived potential for promiscuity; physical or mental disability; girls who had been raped by their fathers; deafness; blindness; and, for one white lad, an apparent “interest in Negro

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    “Because the open courtyard takes in a great deal of heat during the summer, the addition of the pergola, along with some climbing plants, will provide shade and color for the benefit of patients of the Mental Health Center, especially those who

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  • Charter drafters 'colour blind'

    11/05/14 ,via THE NATION

    Wissanu Krea-ngam, deputy prime minister and the junta's key legal adviser, came out yesterday to defend the political neutrality of the newly selected constitution drafters, saying that the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) was "colour blind" because ...

  • How an 'eyeborg' enables a colour blind artist to make art

    10/27/14 ,via SBS

    If you ever met Neil Harbisson, the first thing you would notice is not his Beatles inspired "mop top" haircut, or his penchant for wearing bright vibrant colours, but the antenna snaking up from the back of his head. The "eyeborg" is not a gimmick or a ...

  • Don't let skin color blind you from recognizing true talent

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    Lin ended up playing at Harvard. His senior year he averaged 16.4 points, 4.4 rebounds, 4.5 assists and 2.4 steals per game, only to then go undrafted. Yet, he continued to grind and eventually landed on the Knicks in December 2012. On Feb. 4, 2012, a ...

  • Color Blind Game

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    Color Blind Game - Find out if you are color blind by playing the game! - Find and tap the cube whose color is slightly different from the rest - Tap as fast as you can, you have 60 seconds - Challenge your high ...Read more

  • American Blindness to the Racism All Around Us

    10/30/14 ,via The Atlantic

    "I became black. I hadn’t thought of myself as black." In Nigeria, she noted, social divisions are about ethnicity and religion, not skin color. "I’m very happily black. I don’t have a problem with having skin the color of chocolate," she said.


  • The New Jim Crow

    The New Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781595586438,1595586431. 312 pages.

    Argues that the War on Drugs and policies that deny convicted felons equal access to employment, housing, education and public benefits create a permanent under-caste based largely on race. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.

  • Colorblind

    City Lights Books. 2013. ISBN: 9780872865549,0872865541. 216 pages.

    How "colorblindness" in policy and personal practice perpetuate racial inequity in the United States today.

  • Coping with Color-blindness

    Avery. 1997. ISBN: 0895297337,9780895297334. 180 pages.

    Dispels myths about color vision confusion, including color blindness in women, how color blindness occurs, and the existence of varying degrees of color blindness, while offering advice on living with the disorder


Color blindness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Color blindness, or color vision deficiency, is the inability or decreased ability to see color, or perceive color differences, under normal lighting conditions.

Color Blindness-Topic Overview - WebMD

Color blindness means that you have trouble seeing red, green, or blue or a mix of these colors. It's rare that a person sees no color at all. Color blindness is also ...

What is Color-Blindness - Color Matters welcomes you to ...

Color-blindness is the inability to distinguish the differences between certain colors. This condition results from an absence of color-sensitive pigments.

What It's Like to Be Color Blind - KidsHealth

Cones and Color. To understand what causes color blindness, you need to know about the cones in your eyes. Cones in your eyes? Yes, but they're very small.

Color Blindness — Free Color Blindness Test & Info ...

Read on to learn about color blindness symptoms, causes, and treatment options. Are you color blind? If you’re unsure, take our color blindness tests.

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